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Chinese Horoscope Fortune by Master So 苏民峰 2016

4 January 2016

We’ve just stepped into a new year but Chinese New Year is arriving pretty fast in 2016! Sharing about fortune prediction from Master So 苏民峰, popular feng shui master in Hong Kong has been a yearly affair in my blog. Let’s hear what Master So has to say for the year of Monkey!

Master So 苏民峰 2016

Master So 苏民峰 2016

Chinese Horoscope Fortune by Master So 苏民峰 2016

猴 Monkey

Translation: Those who were born in the year of Monkey will have conflict with Tai Sui (fan tai sui) but it has nothing to do with luck, it’s just that you will feel more pessimistic emotionally. Those aged 24 will experience changes in relationship (some will find new love, some will break-up). Those aged 36 and 48 will tend to feel more negative especially during 7th month in lunar calendar but you can counter it by going to travel. Aside from conflicting with Tai Sui, there’s also no lucky star that will be helping you. So you will need to put in more effort to help yourself. Conflicting with Tai Sui will make you get injured and involved in accident easily especially during 7th month in lunar calendar. You can overcome this by donating blood or go for teeth cleaning (scaling). You might also be a victim of back stabbing, so be careful!

鸡 Rooster

狗 Dog

猪 Pig

鼠 Rat

牛 Ox

虎 Tiger

兔 Rabbit

龙 Dragon

蛇 Snake

马 Horse

羊 Sheep

May you and your family have a fruitful, prosperous year ahead!

Sponsored Post: BOSS Woman Runway Edition

29 September 2015
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Have you ever imagine, what is the outcome when fashion and fragrances are brought together? This time around, BOSS, the company that has always been famous for its fashion and fragrances brought them both together elegantly.

BOSS Fashion Show FW14

BOSS Fashion Show FW14

BOSS WOMAN Runway Edition Fragrances

BOSS WOMAN Runway Edition Fragrances

Introducing BOSS Woman Runway Edition 2015, a trilogy of fragrances that brings you lots of fashion scents (pun intended!). The collection includes BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Runway Edition EDP, BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Runway Edition EDP and BOSS NUIT Pour Femme Runway Edition EDP.

Sponsored Post: Projek #RAMADANMALAYSIA 2015

5 September 2015

Hi peeps! Do you remember how you spent your Ramadan? I’m sure lots of you spent quality time with family and friends, catching up on their well-being, discussing about latest news and so much more, right?

Due to our hectic lifestyle, we may not be able to recall every single memory. So what’s the best way to make them last forever? Capturing a video or taking a photo of course!

Realizing that Malaysians love to share their everyday live on social media platforms, Panadol Malaysia came out with Projek #RamadanMalaysia 2015. They encouraged people to share videos and images of their special moments during Ramadan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtags #panadolmalaysia #ramadanmalaysia. They received an overwhelming response in this project. There were 400 over submissions which includes several videos.