Pauls Cream Cheese Now Available at Bake With Yen

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Pauls Cream Cheese Launch Photo

Pauls, Australia’s top white milk brand, launched its brand-new 2kg Cream Cheese at Bake With Yen today.

Pauls Cream Cheese

In conjunction with the launch, Pauls has appointed Bake With Yen as its official retailer in Peninsula Malaysia for the new 2kg Cream Cheese.

Pauls, the No. 1 white milk brand in Australia, carries a complete range of dairy products which include white milk and flavored milk, cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt, and custard.

Made with 100% Australian milk, Pauls Cream Cheese is smooth and creamy, has a mild flavor with a subtle tang and is neither too sweet nor too sour. It is ideal for all baking preparations especially for desserts, pastries and a variety of dishes.

Strawberry cream cheese custard bun made using Pauls Cream Cheese
Strawberry cream cheese custard bun made using Pauls Cream Cheese

According to Henry Ong, the General Manager of Lactalis Malaysia representing Pauls, all their products are produced using the finest dairy goods sourced from Australian farms.

“Pauls pride itself in delivering wholesomeness, nutrition and wellness in its products. Pauls latest Cream Cheese product not only tastes excellent but is also ideal for all your baked goods, pastas and soups. With Pauls, you get good tasting food.”

Baking demonstration using Pauls Cream Cheese at Bake With Yen
Baking demonstration using Pauls Cream Cheese at Bake With Yen

“We have plans to expand our product offerings here as we see an upward trend in the demand for value-added dairy products, such as our cheese and curd, butter and other spreads,” said Henry.

Pauls Cream Cheese X Bake With Yen

“Bake With Yen is an ideal retailer for Pauls Cream Cheese as it is the outlet to go to for all your baking needs. Moreover, they have many outlets which are located strategically across Malaysia.”

“Whether you are a business outfit or a home baker, Bake With Yen is where most people would get their baking supplies from,” he added.

Gan Phai Leng, Head of Retail Operation of Bake With Yen said the company aims to make baking easy, affordable and enjoyable.

“We make this happen by offering a wide range of everyday baking essentials, as well as speciality baking products for professional and part-time bakers.”

“Partnership with Pauls allow us to deliver on this promise. Pauls Cream Cheese is a high-quality, halal-certified product that delivers a high level of creaminess and excellent taste. It is a product that enhances our range of dairy products, which is one of the top-selling categories at Bake With Yen. We are confident that it will be a product that is well-received by our customers nationwide,” said Gan.

Retailing at RM56.90, Pauls Cream Cheese 2kg is available exclusively at all Peninsula Malaysia Bake With Yen outlets starting today.

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    Nice la… more choices of cream cheese in the market right now! 😀

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Gonna bake some burnt cheesecake soon!

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