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Enjoying Zero Family Bread by ARISSTO

Our family is the closest to us. Whenever we need help and support, they will be the first one who will come running to our rescue.

I’m always on the lookout for healthier choices for my family. After all, health is wealth. Hence, I want to give the best to my family. That’s the way I thank them for their continuous support towards me.

Prepared croissants for my family
Prepared croissants for my family

Chemical Additives in Commercial Bread

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the presence of chemicals in commercial bread. The bread most people buy in stores has some additives. Apparently, there are nearly 100 chemical additives in commercial breads!

In addition to the high levels of sugar and salt, the levels of synthetic additives included in commercial bread are also a cause for concern. Artificial preservatives, colorings, dough conditioners, emulsifiers and more have been found in commercial breads. With recent studies showing that some of these chemicals may cause cancer, people are wondering what these chemicals do to their bodies when they eat them on a regular basis?

While some people might not be concerned about what they put into their bodies or what they feed their families due to ignorance or laziness, it is important to be informed so that you can make a decision on what you want to consume.

Switch to breads with zero chemical
Switch to breads with zero chemical

We should take this issue seriously as consuming too many artificial chemical additives in food will cause sickness. Below are just some of the common additives and the side effects on humans.

  • Azodicarbonamide (Dough conditioner and flour bleaching agent) – Increase the risk of asthma, allergies, skin sensitization and possibly tumor in females
  • Potassium Bromate (Oxidizing agent) – Irritate the lungs, possible damage of the kidneys and nervous system. Possible carcinogen (causes cancer in the thyroids and kidneys of lab rats).
  • Calcium Propionate (Preservative) – Has been linked to the development of allergies

ARISSTO Zero Family Bread

Is there Zero Chemical Added Bread available in the market? The answer is, YES, finally!! With the launch of ARISSTO Zero Chemical Added Family Bread, we can opt for a safer bread alternative for our family.

Enjoying Zero Family Bread by ARISSTO
Enjoying Zero Family Bread by ARISSTO

ARISSTO is committed to provide premium-quality breads with an emphasis on nutrition and wholesome ingredients.

ARISSTO prohibits the use of nearly 100 chemical additives in their “family bread”:

  • Zero Artificial Butter
  • Zero Artificial Fragrances for smell
  • Zero Artificial Coloring
  • Zero Artificial Preservatives

This innovative Zero Chemical Added Bread has a lot of potential and will definitely be the latest trend in the market as Family Bread.

ARISSTO Zero Family Bread
ARISSTO Zero Family Bread

I support ARISSTO Zero Family Bread for my beloved family because they deserve the best. Being a typical Asian, my parents can’t live without bread especially for breakfast. If you have family members that suffer from allergies, gluten sensitivities, and celiac disease, this bread will be a better choice for them too.

Just put ARISSTO bread into the oven at a temperature of 200 Celsius for 5 minutes
Just put ARISSTO bread into the oven at a temperature of 200 Celsius for 5 minutes

It’s really easy to prepare too! Just need to put them into the oven at a temperature of 200 Celsius for 5 minutes and you’ll be greeted with the fragrant aroma of natural bread. It’s ready to be consumed!

If you’re interested to purchase ARISSTO bread or for more information, check out:

ARISSTO Zero Family Bread Website


  1. Azriel Azhar says:

    Omg so sedap .. buat i lapar lagi

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hihihihi meh makan Arissto Bread!

  2. Henry the CleverMunkey says:

    Zero preservatives wor… nice! Can try leh

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      I think you’ll love it! The croissants got classic and mini ones hehe

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