5 Reason Why I Love the Beko Vacuum Blender TBV8104BX

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I love to use blender to blend vegetables and fruits into my smoothies. Why blender instead of juicer?

Here are my top 3 reason why I prefer blending over juicing:

  1. Blending retains fibers, so it helps to prevent constipation and improves gut health
  2. The smoothie can be used as meal replacement since the fibers make you feel fuller
  3. Thanks to the pulp, you’ll need fewer ingredients to produce one glass of smoothie

Beko Vacuum Blender TBV8104BX

I love kitchen appliances that have a versatile functions because it means I don’t need to buy so many different appliances. With a limited space in kitchen and the continuous MCO, I would definitely make sure that I don’t waste my hard earned money on white elephant.

The Beko Vacuum Blender is one of the best investments you could make for you and family.

Beko Vacuum Blender TBV8104BX
Beko Vacuum Blender TBV8104BX

Reasons why I love the Beko Vacuum Blender:

No oxidation, more nutrition

Do you know that some nutrients can get lost during juicing? With Beko’s Vacuum Blender, I ensure that my body gets a greater portion of vitamins and nutrients from the ingredients because when I use the Vacuum and Blend programme, the air inside the jug will be removed before blending to prevent oxidation of the ingredients.⁣ Hence, there won’t be separation of juice due to premature oxidization and it stays fresher longer.

Convenient Ice-crushing Feature

Most of the days are hot in Malaysia. Hence, having a blender with Ice Crunch function would be extremely useful. My family and I can now have crushed ice for our cocktails at the touch of a button! And they’re ready in just a few seconds. Talk about time-saving!

Variety of Programmes Available

Beko Vacuum Blender has a lot of useful functions, which will make it easy for you to justify your purchase (if you ever need to!). Aside from a variety of smoothies, you can also make peanut butter, walnut butter, almond butter, ice cream and sauces.

Preparing to blend banana smoothie
Preparing to blend banana smoothie

Beko Vacuum Blender TBV8104BX Programmes:

  • Vacuum Programme
  • Vacuum and Blend Programme
  • Smoothie Programme
  • Sauce Programme
  • Ice-crushing Programme
  • Auto-clean Programme

Auto Clean Function

The best thing about this vacuum blender is, it comes with an Auto-Clean function. I just need to add in some water into the jug and it will be cleaned using a powerful pulse at the press of a button!⁣ They just made it super convenient for people who are busy like me.

Durable Material

When I buy appliances, I always choose those that are durable so they can last longer. They might be a tad expensive but in the long run, the cost averages out and that’s value-for-money! I’m relieved to know that the jug from Beko Vacuum Blender is made of Tritan material which is very tough and also BPA-free. Food safety is very important too. We have to make sure no harmful material is being leaked into the food we consume.

Here’s the first smoothie I’ve made using Beko Vacuum Blender: Cucumber Smoothie. Hope you’ll try my Cucumber Smoothie recipe too!

Cucumber Smoothie

A refreshing smoothie that's perfect for the hot weather and great for guts health!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 78kcal
Cost RM4.35


  • Blender


  • 130 g Cucumber
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 125 g Yogurt⁣
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice⁣
  • ½ cup Ice cubes⁣
  • ½ tsp Sea salt⁣


  • Wash and chop the cucumber
  • Add all ingredients into the blender jug
    Add all the ingredients for Cucumber Smoothie into Beko Vacuum Blender TBV8104BX
  • Turn on the blender and press "Smoothie"
    Programme buttons on Beko Vacuum Blender
  • Serve after the blender stops

If you’re interested to learn more, visit Beko Malaysia at https://www.beko.com/my-en.


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