U.S. Fries Bonanza Promotion 2021

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U.S. Fries Bonanza Promotion 2021

In the midst of a full lockdown, what we can do to cheer ourselves up is with good food! From 1st until 30th June 2021, U.S. Potato is running the U.S. Fries Bonanza Promotion with Grab Food at 13 participating restaurants so those in Klang Valley can enjoy their U.S fries in the comfort and safety of their own homes!

U.S. Fries Bonanza Promotion

These 13 participating restaurants have came together to offer a wide and diverse range of dishes using U.S. Potatoes to enable the many fans of U.S. fries to enjoy.

Brooklyn U.S. Fries from Mikey's Pizza
Brooklyn U.S. Fries from Mikey’s Pizza

Here are TWO simple ways to purchase the U.S. Fries Bonanza Promotion dishes:

  1. Grab App
    • Open your Grab app and navigate to Grab Food.
    • Look for the U.S Fries Bonanza Banner and tap on it. You can also type “USPotato” in the search box and tap search. All the participating restaurants will appear in the list.
    • Browse through the list of participating restaurants and their U.S Fries dishes on the menu.
    • Select your desire U.S. Potato dish and order accordingly.
    • Once payment has been done, sit back, relax and wait for your delivery.
    • Enjoy your U.S. Fries when the friendly Grab Delivery man arrives with your order.
  2. Takeaway / Self Pick-Up
    Alternatively, you can also opt for takeaway but make sure the distance is within 10km ya!⁣ Remember to follow SOP at all times.

I’ve always preferred U.S Potatoes because they contain high “solids” and low sugar content. The high quality taste and texture are also made them more desirable! You can really tell!⁣ All these are possible thanks to the state-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise in U.S Potato farming, coupled with ideal growing temperatures and rich soil.

U.S. potato growers offer high quality potatoes with plentiful year-round supply. Hence, they could meet the all year round demand without any problem. Consumers like us can also buy U.S. Potatoes without any worry as the U.S. industry standards are strict and must meet all Food and Drug Administration and USDA specifications.

Mentaiko Waffle U.S. Fries from The Owls Cafe at Happy Mansion
Mentaiko Waffle U.S. Fries from The Owls Cafe at Happy Mansion

Craving for U.S. Potatoes yet? Below is the list of participating restaurants and their U.S. Potato menu.

No.RestaurantU.S. Potato Dish
1myBurgerLabAwesome U.S. Fries
2Chili’sHomestyle U.S. Fries
3Mikey's PizzaStaten Island 2.0 U.S. Fries
Brooklyn U.S. Fries
4NY Burger CoCheesy Beef Bacon U.S. Fries
Cheesy U.S. Fries
5Strangers at 47Shoestring U.S. Fries with Parmesan Cheese
Loaded Cheesy U.S. Fries
6Botanica + CoTruffle U.S. Fries
Broken Chili U.S. Fries Tom Yum U.S. Fries
Okonomiyaki U.S. Fries
7Burger On 16Cowboys U.S. Fries (Beef)
Cowboys U.S. Fries (Chicken)
Pepperoni Cheese U.S. Fries
8Carl’s JrBeef Chilli Cheese U.S Fries
Crosstrax U.S. Fries
9K FryBulgogi U.S. Tater Tots
Dak Kimchi U.S. Fries
10KGBTexas Jalapeno Cheese U.S Fries
Kimchi U.S. Fries
113 Little PigsBuffalo U.S. Fries
Cajun U.S. Fries
12The Owls Cafe at Happy MansionWaffle U.S. Fries
Mentaiko Waffle U.S. Fries
13Jinjja ChickenTteokbokki U.S. Fries
Sesame Seaweed U.S. Fries
Awesome U.S. Fries from myBurgerLab
Awesome U.S. Fries from myBurgerLab
Wait no more! Order them before the promotion ends! I guarantee you’ll love them.


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