Benns Ethicoa Unveils New Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Factory

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tallpiscesgirl X Benns Chocolate Factory

GOOD NEWS for all chocolate lovers! Benns Chocolate Factory Sdn Bhd, a premier Malaysian chocolate manufacturer of 20 years, has officially launched Asia’s first open-concept chocolate factory and café to bring the experience of chocolate making closer to the consumer.

Benns Ethicoa

tallpiscesgirl X Benns Ethioca Chocolate Factory
tallpiscesgirl X Benns Ethioca Chocolate Factory

Benns Chocolate’s latest factory is to cater for its artisanal bean-to-bar brand, Benns Ethicoa with the aim to promote ethical and natural chocolate making. This also marks a new chapter in the company’s illustrious chocolate making history. The new Benns Ethicoa Chocolate factory is now an independent facility with dedicated capacity to produce up to 500kg of fine flavor single estate bean-to-bar chocolate per day. Also present at the launch is YBhg Datuk Norhaini Udin, Director General of Malaysia Cocoa Board.

Jerome Penafort, Director of Business Development and Wilfred Ng, Executive Director of Benns Chocolate Factory
Jerome Penafort, Director of Business Development and Wilfred Ng, Executive Director of Benns Chocolate Factory

Wilfred Ng, Executive Director of Benns Chocolate said Benns Ethicoa’s business model is built with sustainability in mind, designed to help promote ethical cacao farming and enable owners of well-managed plantations to fetch higher prices that commensurate with better quality cacao beans.

Some of the artisanal products you can find at Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Factory and Cafe
Some of the artisanal products you can find at Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Factory and Cafe

Bean-to-Bar chocolate, or more popularly known as craft chocolate, is currently one of the leading food trends worldwide which is witnessing a renewed popularity of organic and healthier alternatives food including chocolate. Similar to specialty coffee, these artisanal chocolates can be crafted from unique tasting and high-quality cocoa beans grown in tropical weather in Latin American, Africa and Asia. Widely regarded as the highest standard in chocolate industry, single origin bean-to-bar chocolate involves chocolate making process using cacao beans sourced from a designated estate. It also requires several crucial steps and careful treatment in its production process, beginning from cacao cultivation and farm management techniques right up to production to get the best flavor from the finished product.

Cocoa beans and the pulp that tastes like mangosteen
Cocoa beans and the pulp that tastes like mangosteen
Dried Cacao Beans
Dried Cacao Beans

It is a little-known fact to many people that most of the top-quality cacao can be found in Asia. More than just for branding, by growing the artisanal chocolate market and expanding more into downstream segments with different cacao products, Benns aspires to revitalize the cacao farming community in Asia.

Benns bean-to-bar chocolates gift box
Benns bean-to-bar chocolates gift box
Single Origin Chocolate from Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Factory
Single Origin Chocolate from Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Factory

By reducing reliance on intermediaries and sourcing directly from farms, this allows Benns to build good partnership with farmers and a greater understanding of the raw ingredients, giving them more influence and the ability to improve the quality of its chocolate.

At Benns Ethicoa, each chocolate product is made using cacao beans from single farm estates. The fruity, nutty and floral flavor notes of the chocolate are unique to their origin and each share their own story. This is known as Terroir or “Flavor of the land”, a concept ubiquitous in the wine world.

Currently, Benns Ethicoa’s cacao beans are sourced from carefully selected farms in Lampang in Thailand, Vung Tau in Vietnam, Calinan in the Philippines, Anaimalai in India, and Sungai Ruan in Pahang, Malaysia.

Jerome Penafort explained the bean-to-bar process
Jerome Penafort explained the bean-to-bar process

As a reflection of the brand’s values of transparency and fairness, the new facility fully showcases the entire chocolate making process.

Where does chocolate come from
Where does chocolate come from

Visitors can sign up for a factory tour to learn about the origins of chocolate, the farmers and the farms where the cacao beans originate and a unique experience of the entire chocolate making process from bean to bar.

For a bittersweet ending (literally), each tour concludes with a tasting of chocolate drinks and a selection of pastries, each made using cacao sourced from different farm estates around Asia.

Vegan Chocolate Berry Tart
Vegan Chocolate Berry Tart

The tour experience is completed at the Ethicoa café that serves pastries and cakes made by its in-house pastry chefs using single estate chocolate produced in the factory.

Drinking Chocolate
Drinking Chocolate
Artisan Single Estate Cacao Tea
Artisan Single Estate Cacao Tea

Besides bean-to-bar chocolates, other fine flavor chocolate products under Benns Ethicoa label include cacao nibs, made from dried and roasted cocoa beans, a two-ingredient drinking chocolate (cacao powder and unrefined sugar) and cacao tea. Cacao drinks is Benns Ethicoa’s way of going back to basics, allowing the natural taste and health benefits of cacao to be brought to the forefront. Chocolate can mean so much more than just a sweet treat meant for our pleasure indulgence!

Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Coated Almonds
Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Coated Almonds

To celebrate Benns Ethicoa’s latest facility as the new unique sensory experience destination for the public, it is offering a promotional free factory tour worth RM 30 each for every hour starting from 11 am to 5 pm, beginning from 13-19 December.

Each hourly slot is limited to only 8 attendees and include a free chocolate drink at Benns’ very own café at the end of the tour. This promotion is on first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment, early reservations at or +603-9082 0955 is highly advisable.

If you want to get these chocolates but the factory is too far for you, you can also buy Benns Chocolate online at

Benns Ethioca Chocolate Factory
Lot No.1, Jalan CJ 1/6C,
Kawasan Perindustrian Cheras Jaya, Batu 11
43200, Cheras

Tel: +603-9082 0955

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm


  1. Nisa Kay says:

    Whoaaa looking good!
    Will definitely drop by this place soon!

  2. Red Linda says:

    Wohaaa.. for chocolate lover definitely love this!

    May i know,.if there are any place that sell this kind of product such as mall or any groceries shop..

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      So far, only sold at their factory. But you can also order them online at 😀

      1. Lya says:

        Wowwwww macam macam jenis coklat ada .. seronok kalau dapat tgk sendiri camne pembuatan coklat… thanks sharing

    2. Nadia says:

      Dah semakin banyak coklat factory kat Malaysia nie kan..tapi yang nie nad tak pernah dengar lagi. Nanti boleh la terjah kilang coklat nie..

  3. ziana eunos says:

    baru dengar jenama ni. yang coklan vegan tu nampak sedap 🙂

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Memang best, babe! Dessert dia tak overly sweet, more pure.

  4. emi says:

    Chocolate is my favorite! I wish to visit this place one day. Their chocolate must be yummy, right?

    1. Ayu Rafikah says:

      Sedapnya. I mmg suka cokkat. Kalau homeade coklat lagilah sedapkan

  5. Rawlins GLAM says:

    Wow. Looks so yummy.
    I personally love the personalized to Asian naming of the products – makes me proud too.
    Do they sell these in any store?

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Yeah, one of the cacao supplier is from Sungai Ruan. Our own local cacao!!
      If the factory is too far for you, you can get it online at
      Hope it helps! 🙂

  6. KYspeaks says:

    Please send some to me for breakfast, thanks.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Chocolate for breakfast? That’s unusual hahaha
      They got online delivery leh hehe

    2. Ezna says:

      Sedapnya chocolate. Packaging sangat cantik kalau nak bagi gift kat yang tersayang.

      1. Charmaine Pua says:

        Yes! I’m attracted by the beautiful pastel packaging too!

  7. Bella Jamal says:

    Tak sangka buah koko yang disimpan lama berbau busuk dan masam ni sangat sedap bila dah jadi coklat. Seronak la you dapat melawat kilang mereka dan lihat sendiri pemprosesan koko kepada coklat. Pakaging dia i sangat suka dengan color pastel tu.

  8. Zharif Azis says:

    Wahhh chocolate !! I love chocolate too much. Good to see how it is being produced from the scratch. Anyway, The vegan cake look tasty. OMG sedapnya

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      I know right! It’s a very very good experience for chocolate lovers!

  9. Hanny Abdullah says:

    Sis memang hantu coklat, ni pun sedang makan coklat ni..hehehe. Best le dapat tengok macam mana org buat coklat. Teringin nak pergi bawak anak

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hehehe pergi sekarang, free factory visit sampai 19th December.
      Tapi pas tu pun murah jugak la, RM 30 boleh dapat food and drink.

  10. Fadzil Ahmad says:

    Wah. First look like a luxury choclate. Is it new product? I do love choc, need to taste this one

  11. adianiez AIDA says:

    chocolate??? love it. if ke langkawi, chocolate jer dah near 5kg i bwk balik.
    heaven on earth 🙂 ha ha ha ha…
    love to go to the factory, charmaine. bringing together my children.
    tapi tu la… mcm jauh. hu hu hu hu 🙂
    how lucky u are dpt attend such a great event.

  12. Izaramli says:

    Sedapnya choclate! I love chocolate but i haven’t try this one yet. I should go find one too.

  13. Lala Kerry says:

    Wow, this seems fun! I wish we have one here too. I’m in Sabah, but maybe if I go KL again, I will drop by there and bring it back home m!

  14. Mohamad Khairil Bin Hassan says:

    Sedap ni! Saya dan keluarga memang pencinta coklat! Jarang jugak sebenarnya dengar jenama ni.

  15. SGRMSE. says:

    how much does a ticket cost, do you know?

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      It’s only RM 30, my darling. Inclusive of a dessert and a drink of your choice!

  16. bonda chanteq says:

    haaa…its good to have local chocolate factory instead of we have to import chocolate from oversea….mesti sedap2 chocolate ni…nanti bonda nak pegi cari…

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