Great Comeback of Equestrian Horseback Riding Boots

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Equestrian Horseback Riding Boots
The coldest time of the year is pretty hard to imagine without a good pair of boots. The upcoming trends “impose” some of the models that we probably would not wear in our life, and make us forget about the classic, which is always trendy. Equestrian riding boots provide a solid base for the foot, but also for the entire leg, and give a unique mark to every dress combination. This model has a long and impressive history, but how it has become a fashion detail is not yet known. You can read about the history of horseback riding boots here.

Comfortable and Fancy Footwear for Every Style

It seems that this model has fallen into oblivion for the past several seasons, but if you have these boots, then you know how practical, and above all, comfortable they are. Because of their timeless looks and flexibility, equestrian riding boots became “a must” in a female closet, despite trends. Low, cube heel is a perfect choice for wearing every day, and you can fit this model in every style. The models of these boots are generally narrow, and the height can vary in several centimeters. The original model of these boots is knee-high because the primary purpose of this footwear was to protect the leg during riding. How good choice of riding boots can protect your legs while you ride a horse indeed, check on this page:

Combination with Jeans

Equestrian Horseback Riding Boots with Jeans
Equestrian Horseback Riding Boots with Jeans
You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans, no matter which outfit you wear. With whatever you combine it, skinny jeans will fit perfectly. Because of the universal cut of these pants, it will be an excellent “support” for a piece of clothing you want to emphasize. In the case of jeans and equestrian riding boots, the first and essential rule is to get the trousers into the boot. Simply, this footwear should dominate in combination. What’s the point of wearing pants over these boots? Even when they don’t have some notable print or pattern, this footwear predominates in a dress combination. So, the conclusion is that skinny jeans and equestrian horseback riding boots is the best match. However, do not give up if you don’t have or don’t enjoy wearing super tight jeans. Because of the tightness of the boots, wide pants are not the best choice for combining. However, it is “allowed” to wear equestrian riding boots with the models of straight legs, if you have mastered the catch of tucking them into boots, without making those nasty folds. You can even opt for cropped jeans.

What Jeans Not to Wear

While you can’t make a mistake with classic denim or black, because you will always look classy and mature, some patterns and cuts just won’t fit in with horseback riding boots. This primarily applies to wash and torn models of jeans. These boots bring a touch of elegance into every style so you can imagine what failure would be combining them with ripped jeans, which is a trademark for urban, city fashion.

Be Romantic with Skirts and Dresses

Equestrian Horseback Riding Boots with Dress
Equestrian Horseback Riding Boots with Dress
Who would say that these, at first glance, “rough” boots can fit into some romantic and dashing outfit? The combination of equestrian riding boots and a pencil skirt can be an excellent choice for a corporate picnic, where every business lady can show her sex appeal, and yet, to keep a dose of seriousness and professionalism. A-cut skirt is a number one options if you have a few extra pounds on your tights and hips, and you want to emphasize the waist. Since we usually wear boots in fall and winter, it is somehow logical that skirts should be made of harder and thicker materials, such as tweed or cashmere. As for combination with dresses, there are similar rules as with skirts, in terms of materials and length. The advice is that the boot and the edge of the skirt are not touching. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should opt for a mini skirt, which is a big no for this model of boots. Dresses of a simple cut, not to tight, with straight or slightly accentuated waist will fit perfectly with this footwear.

Look Like a Real Equestrian

Equestrian Style OOTD
Equestrian Style OOTD
For wearing equestrian style, you don’t have to own a horse or have experience in riding. This is probably the most elegant option in which you can pair equestrian horseback boots, possibly in some neutral color like black or dark brown. There’s also the option to go for a pair that’s made of leather. You can visit sites like for more information on the durability of this type of footwear. White trousers and a blazer that matches with boots are trademarks for this look. Make sure that your pants are made of thick material or denim. If you want to give a little authenticity to your appearance, you can wear knitted riding socks, which will gently slip out of the boots. Transparent pants are not the peak of fashion, don’t you agree? However, not all fans are bright-colored pants, nor these are flattering to every woman. Trousers in khaki or beige colors can be a decent substitute if you want to follow the equestrian style till the end. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a shirt or a sweater for the upper part of the combination. You have to wear a blazer over your shirt because then your riding look will be flawless. The sweater is enough to keep you warm in a more relaxed variant of the equestrian outfit. Women should adhere to some basic rules, as equestrian horseback riding boots don’t flatter to every figure. There are way better choices for short girls, or for ladies with thick legs, especially calves. This model will shorten them even more. Just because some piece of clothing is stylish doesn’t mean that everyone should wear it. Every person has to find their own style, to be representative, unique and, above all, comfortable. Finally, it should be aesthetically acceptable, but without blindly following of fashion trends.


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