ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 with Revolutionary ScreenPad


The groundbreaking ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 has been unveiled, a high-performance Windows 10 laptops for professionals with a futuristic new ScreenPad™ — an ASUS innovation that revolutionizes the way users work and interact with their laptop.

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

The new ZenBook Pro 15 continues the all-conquering legacy of the ZenBook Pro family, offering classleading performance in slim, lightweight and supremely elegant packages. Powered by up to the latest 8th Generation Intel Core processors with up to 16GB RAM, gaming-grade NVIDIA® discrete graphics, and the fastest PCIe® 3.0 x4 SSDs, ZenBook Pro is designed to handle the most demanding tasks with ease. Comprehensive connectivity includes up to gigabit-class 802.11ac Wi-Fi, USB-C with Thunderbolt™ 3, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, and standard HDMI output.

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 with Revolutionary ScreenPad 1

ScreenPad: Touch the future

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 ScreenPad

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 ScreenPad

This ScreenPad has been generating a lot of buzz because many are curious about what it can do. ScreenPad is a seamless combination of a Windows Precision Touchpad (PTP) with a 5.5-inch high-resolution, full-color touchscreen that enables user to interact intelligently with both Windows apps and dedicated programs called ScreenPad Apps.

Designed to enhance workflow and productivity, the ScreenPad is fully customizable so users can multitask in a more efficient way. A simple press of the F6 function key toggles between touchscreen mode and touchpad mode.

Trying out the revolutionary ScreenPad

Trying out the revolutionary ScreenPad

Different usages of ScreenPad:

  1. Launcher allows users to open or switch between desktop apps via user-customizable shortcuts
  2. NumKey turns ScreenPad into a handy numeric keypad for data entry
  3. Screen Extender mode allows ScreenPad to be used as an extension to the main display, further aiding multitasking and productivity
  4. Selected desktop apps like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (with other popular apps in the pipeline) offer even closer integration with ScreenPad, with adaptive menus and editing controls on ScreenPad that change automatically according to the app and what task is being performed for better productivity
  5. Integration via browser extensions, such as the ScreenPad YouTube Player for Chrome puts video playback controls for YouTube videos at the user’s fingertips

Effortless performance

Built to deliver the ultimate on-the-go performance for professional users, it is powered by up to the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i9 hexa-core processor, with up to 16GB of high performance 2400Hz DDR4 RAM and up to a 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD that easily outperforms the PCIe x2 and SATA 3 SSDs used in rival laptops. Expect your ZenBook Pro 15 to boot instantly and open apps in a heartbeat.

tallpiscesgirl X ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

tallpiscesgirl X ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

ZenBook Pro 15 uses the latest gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti GPU for graphics performance that’s nearly twice as fast as a GeForce GTX 960M, suitable for even the most graphics-intensive tasks, such as 3D rendering or 4K UHD video playback, and flawless gaming visuals.

Beauty that inspires

Elegance, sophistication and precision craftsmanship has been the synonym of ZenBook. I’m loving the all-aluminum unibody designs featuring iconic spun-metal finish which features luxuriously stylish Deep Dive Blue and Rose Gold detailing, equipped with a gold keyboard backlight and lid logo.

Touch screen

Touch screen

The 15-inch Nano Edge 4K UHD ultra slim-bezel touchscreen on ZenBook Pro 15 is truly gorgeous and the PANTONE® Validated color rendering, built-in ASUS Calibration Technology for easy color calibration and impressively low Delta-E value for super-accurate colors make it just perfect for graphics professionals. Combined with the optional ASUS Pen, ZenBook Pro 15 really lets creativity flow.

With its ultra slim bezel, ZenBook Pro 15 is almost the same size as 14-inch laptops because it allows the maximum amount of screen in minimum space.

Comprehensive connectivity

A comprehensive set of high-performance I/O ports — including two USB-C ports with the latest Thunderbolt™ 3, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports and an HDMI port — gives ZenBook Pro 15 the ultimate, hassle-free connectivity for versatile flexibility both in the office and on the road. The integrated gigabit-class dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi is capable of faster-than-wired speeds of up to 1734Mbps — 12 times faster than 802.11n — for smooth streaming of 4K UHD online videos, with greater range and more stable network connections.

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 with Revolutionary ScreenPad 2

ASUS ZenBook Pro is designed for professional artists, designers, programmers, or any kind of creator who’s
excited by new technology. ScreenPad also offers an exciting opportunity for developers to create new
ScreenPad Apps or ways of integrating with desktop apps, delivering endless possibilities to users.

Retail Price for ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

Where to Buy ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 will be available from 28 August 2018 onwards at the following ASUS Stores:

For more info, visit ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 website at

  1. tekkaus

    June 11

    The screenpad itself is something really special. Then again I wonder if it will be really practical in the long run. 🙂

    • Haha it would be, if you really use it. The tech is there, we just need to make it a habit 🙂

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