‘Spend’ Your Merdeka Day This Year with Lazada Merdeka Sale

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Lazada Merdeka Sale

Merdeka! It’s our country’s 61st Merdeka and this year is a very special year for many of us. Cos it’s a new Malaysia and I personally feel a lot of emotions during this year’s Merdeka Day.

Although my patriotism is burning passionately this year, I’d still prefer to celebrate Merdeka in the comfort of my home instead of going under the burning sun.

But then, how should I spend this memorable Merdeka Day sitting at home? I need to release my burning passion somewhere… I need to spend my Merdeka Day by spending!

Lazada Merdeka Sale

tallpiscesgirl X Lazada Merdeka Sale
tallpiscesgirl X Lazada Merdeka Sale

Great minds think alike. If you are like me, I have something to share with you. Lazada is having their Merdeka Sale from 28 to 31 August 2018! Many exclusive deals and discounts up to 80% off a wide range of products including local brands Malaysians love like Carlo Rino, Bonia, VOIR, XES, and more at https://www.lazada.com.my/merdeka-sale/. Time to shop for the Carlo Rino bag that I’ve been checking out VERY OFTEN 😛

The Merdeka Sale will also offer Flash Sales, Vouchers, and Free Shipping across Malaysia!

You can also play their Merdeka Shakin’ Deals game in their app and stand a chance to win RM15 vouchers! All you need to do is just follow the instructions below:-

  1. Download and log in the Lazada App
  2. Stay on the homepage
  3. Shake daily from 28 till 31 August at 1pm and 9pm!

So I guess I’ll be shaking and spending this Merdeka Day. And I just want to take this opportunity to also wish every Malaysian a Happy Merdeka Day and Happy 61st Independence to our beloved country, Malaysia! Oh, and happy holiday too! I know we all need some time to recharge and destress, am I right?

Now let’s get spending 😛


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