How to Get IKEA Items at a Cheaper Price!

16 June 2017
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Hey guys! Reminder: Hari Raya is near and it’s time to shop for new home decor and furniture to freshen up the feel at home! Well yeah, I miikght not be celebrating Hari Raya but this is the perfect time to grab new home decor items. I’ll explain why later 😉

If you haven’t knew, I’m a big fan of IKEA products as the designs are sleek, minimalistic, and space saving. Hence, most of my furniture and decor like dining table, cupboard, mattress, work desk, work chair, etc are all from IKEA!

But as you all know, I’m freelancing now so my income isn’t stable. It’s best if I can get the items I want with as low price as possible.

If you haven’t knew about Carousell, it’s a very useful portal that I use to source for cheaper furniture and home decor that is not limited to IKEA only. Carousell is available on mobile (iOS and Android) and also web, so it’s pretty convenient.

Carousell Malaysia

Carousell Malaysia

So why did I say that now is the best time to grab cheaper items for your home? It’s because many people would be decluttering this season! The selections are already abundance but during this season, expect more to choose from!

Carousell is reliable since I have experienced using it and it’s very user-friendly.

Buy IKEA items at a cheaper price at Carousell

Buy IKEA items at a cheaper price at Carousell

Here’s a simple tutorial:

  1. Type in the item you want, i.e. IKEA
  2. Click search and the search results will be displayed out
  3. Click on the item photo to see the description
  4. If you have any enquiry, you can use “Chat with Seller” to know more before deciding
  5. Click on “Buy Now” if you decided to bring the item home!

My usual practice is, I will check the seller’s rating and make sure they don’t have any negative rating.

Carousell Seller Rating

Carousell Seller Rating

You must be wondering, how much cheaper are the products on Carousell compared to IKEA? Here are some items where I’ve done some homework on:

  1. HARTE LED Work Lamp
    As I always work on the go, a flexible LED lamp that can be powered using USB and ordinary outlet is just what I need! Isn’t it super useful?

    It is selling at RM 49.90 at IKEA but look how much I get to save if I get it from Carousell?

    It’s only RM 20, which is more than 50% discount yo!

  2. BYLLAN Laptop Support
    Another item from IKEA that’s brilliantly designed to assist me in being more productive in my work is this BYLLAN Laptop Support. Very often, I had to put the laptop on my lap (that’s the reason it’s called laptop anyway!) but the heat from it is sometimes unbearable. With this laptop support cushion, it’ll be more comfortable for me 🙂Instead of RM 49.90, I get to own a brand new BYLLAN laptop support at only RM 39 if I purchase it from Carousell!

  3. RASKOG Trolley
    I fell in love with the RASKOG trolley at the first sight! It reminds me of the trolley that traditional hair salon uses.
    Original price: RM 149 vs. Carousell price: RM 129At first, I have no idea what to use to for despite wishing to own it. Is this what’s in the mind of a shopaholic? Upon doing some research, I found that it can be utilized in many ways! The one that is more relatable to me would be to organize my mountain of makeup and skincare products! It’s awesomely neat!

    Photo credits: Who is Mocca

In the long run, we can save more money… and SHOP MORE! *shopaholic mode on*

When I shop at Carousell, I feel good and I enjoy it because I’m buying from my fellow community, supporting each other in the process.

If you feel that this article is useful, feel free to share it with your friends (especially IKEA kaki) who will find it useful too. After all, we should be supporting each other too in blogging community ♥ ♥ ♥

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