Alanna’s Kitchen @ Pandan Indah [Food Review]

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DSC04042 | Alanna's Kitchen @ Pandan Indah [Food Review]
Alanna’s Kitchen is one of the hidden gems I discovered lately that serves a wide variety of Arabic, Chinese and Western food. Alanna’s Kitchen has been operating at Pandan Indah since a year ago and has received a lot love from people staying in that neighbourhood thanks to its affordable yummy food.
Alanna's Kitchen @ Pandan Indah
Alanna’s Kitchen @ Pandan Indah
So what’s the occasion? I’m here this time to try out their new menu and at the same time, introduce this place to my beloved readers.

Alanna’s Kitchen

Main course

Beef Stew + Mandy Rice @ Alanna's Kitchen (Price: RM 17.90)
Beef Stew + Mandy Rice
Price: RM 17.90
There’s nothing quite like a bowl of hearty Beef Stew especially during cold, rainy days. I love the tender beef chunks coupled with steaming hot bowl of stew. It is seasoned with generous amount of black pepper that warms up my body.
Arabic Lamb Mandy + Rice @ Alanna's Kitchen (Price: RM 18.90)
Arabic Lamb Mandy + Rice
Price: RM 18.90
Another Arabic dish on the list is Arabic Lamb Mandy + Rice. The lamb was cooked for so long that it has gotten tremendously tender and flavourful to the max. This is one of the crowd’s favourite. The Mandy rice was also fragrant and yummy! If you’re not a fan of lamb, you can try Arabic Chicken Mandy + Rice at only RM 10.90, which is also their signature dish. The chilli has a hint of tanginess, a great appetite opener.
Shish Tawook Grilled Chicken + Rice (Price: RM 12.90)
Shish Tawook Grilled Chicken + Rice
Price: RM 12.90
Shish Tawook is marinated chicken skewers in Lebanese style although this version from Alanna’s Kitchen came without the skewers. The chicken breasts are moist and considered quite tender for breast cut. For even better taste, remember to dip it into the special garlic sauce!
Grilled Sambal Fish (Seabass) + Rice (Price: RM 12.90)
Grilled Sambal Fish (Seabass) + Rice
Price: RM 12.90
For those who can’t live without spicy food and if you love to challenge yourself, you’re going to love this Grilled Sambal Fish (Seabass) to the max! Depending on your level of tolerance, some may need extra rice and drinks to put off the fire. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! The fish meat was very tender and freshness guaranteed though.
Carbonara Seafood (Price: RM 17.90)
Carbonara Seafood
Price: RM 17.90
At Alanna’s Kitchen, there’s something for everyone. Aside from Arabic dishes, they also serve Western and Chinese food. I had this Carbonara Seafood from their Western menu. I love to try Carbonara from different restaurants because it’s my favorite pasta. With this price, the generous amount of seafood will amaze you. Expect mussels, squids, prawns and clams galore in your plate.
Abalone Scallop Porridge (Price: RM 28.90)
Abalone Scallop Porridge
Price: RM 28.90
This Abalone Scallop Porridge is one of the best dishes I’d recommend from Alanna’s Kitchen! With a promotional price of RM 28.90, you get a bowl of super yummy porridge packed with abalone and scallop essence. In order to prepare for this delectable dish, the abalone was braised for 20 hours and the porridge was cooked for 9 hours! That’s a lot of effort! Plus, you’re getting 2 big abalones and 6 scallops each bowl.
Bolognese Cheesy Rice Ball (Price: RM 10.90)
Bolognese Cheesy Rice Ball
Price: RM 10.90
Bolognese Cheesy Rice Ball is a pretty innovative one as rice and cheese were enclosed in a huge ball of breadcrumbs. Melted cheese were flowing out as soon as it was being cut. Madam Q is still in the midst of perfecting her recipe as we speak. Kudos for the passion!


Waffles + 2 Scoop Ice Cream (Price: RM 10.90)
Waffles + 2 Scoop Ice Cream
Price: RM 10.90
The waffles came a little too soft on the outside; I preferred mine crispy. But the inside was very fluffy and the homemade ice creams are to die for! We’re totally digging the ice creams as they’re very dense and flavourful, just like how premium ice creams are like!
Ice Cream (Price: RM 3.90 for 1 scoop, RM 6.90 for 2 scoops)
Ice Cream
Price: RM 3.90 for 1 scoop, RM 6.90 for 2 scoops
So awesome that we ordered extra servings 😉 I love that it came with almond toppings. It gives me something to chew on. Loved the texture a lot. And by homemade, it means no preservatives and artificial flavourings being used.
Cakes (Price: RM 8.90 - RM 9.90)
Price: RM 8.90 – RM 9.90
Also, if you still have room for more desserts, don’t miss their homemade mousse cakes and cheese cakes too. They’re so smooth… heavenly for cake lovers! Address: Alanna’s Kitchen No. 8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Business Hours: Daily 11am – 10.30pm Tel: 03-9201 7134 Facebook Page: Alanna’s Kitchen


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