Staycation at Resort Suites, Bandar Sunway


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Since it was a stressful week for both Clumsy Boy and I, a staycation at somewhere near is just perfect. I’m lazy to travel so far and waste half a day commuting when all I need is rest. So we went to Resort Suites @ Bandar Sunway to get our much needed recharge session.

Resort Suites Hotel Lobby

Resort Suites Hotel Lobby

Resort Suites @ Bandar Sunway

The concierge is located at level B1 of Pyramid Tower. Then, we took a lift to the Reception Area (hotel lobby) on 12th floor. Basically, we just parked in Pyramid Tower and let the signs direct us.

Writing desk with a view

Writing desk with a view

Overseeing the whole Sunway Lagoon!

Overlooking the whole Sunway Lagoon!

Super stoked to discover that we can overlook the whole Sunway Lagoon from our room once I opened the curtain! It’s just so amazing and we started to talk about our childhood memories at Sunway Lagoon.

Resort Suites - King size bed

King size bed

Too immersed watching Gordon Ramsey on AFC

Too immersed watching Gordon Ramsey on AFC

We have a King size bed for the night! It’s so comfy I can lay on the bed all day while watching Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver on AFC 😆

Resort Suites - In-room kitchen facility

In-room kitchen facility

Resort Suites - Dining area

Dining area

I was amazed to see that there’s an in-house kitchen facility for guests to use. I can totally imagine mommies cooking for the family after having a splashing fun day at Sunway Lagoon.

Resort Suites - Bath tub

Bath tub

If you’re here to relax and recharge, here’s a good news for you – there’s bath tub available! And don’t worry if you didn’t bring bath bubbles because they do provide all basic toiletries as well.

Resort Suites - Toiletries


It was a truly amazing experience to stay at Resort Suites Hotel @ Bandar Sunway. The views were spectacular. In the evening, we get to watch the sunset together! ♥

Sunset @ Bandar Sunway

Sunset @ Bandar Sunway

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With its strategic location, it’s the perfect place to stay; be it you’re at Sunway for business or leisure. And since it is located right next to the iconic Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, we had to go for a shopping haul! BYE~~

Clumsy Boy & tallpiscesgirl signing off...

Clumsy Boy & tallpiscesgirl signing off…

  1. Camy

    November 26

    omg so sweeeettttttt

  2. tekkaus

    November 27

    What impresses me the most is the kitchen. LOL 😀

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