Maybelline 100th Year Birthday Celebration in Malaysia

9 June 2015
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Maybelline New York turned 100 officially on 15th May 2015 and this date has been declared as Maybelline Day! Happy birthday, Maybelline!!

Happy Maybelline Day!

Happy Maybelline Day!

In 1915, inspired by his sister Mabel, Thomas L. Williams developed a mail-order lash and brow beautifier called LASH-BROW-INE. And like they said, the rest is history. Since then, Maybelline New York has been creating waves and making an impact on women’s lives, empowering us to make a statement by exploring new looks and flaunting our own creativity and individuality.

The birthday bash for Maybelline New York in Malaysia was graced by local celebrities, fashion and beauty editors, bloggers and fans. All of us were treated to a unique runway show featuring 10 decades of 10 iconic looks to mark the occasion.

Fish (ohfishiee), Charmaine (tallpiscesgirl), Amelie, Lisa (Arisa) Chow

Fish (ohfishiee), Charmaine (tallpiscesgirl), Amelie, Lisa (Arisa) Chow

Their signature phrase, “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” was created in 1990, and continues to make an impact on women’s lives even today.

The birthday bash runway show featured Maybelline New York’s 9 decades of iconic looks and one exclusive Future makeup look, created by professional makeup maestro Stevensunny. Each look represents makeup artistry and trends in the past, present and future, made possible with Maybelline New York’s colour cosmetics, which captured the vividness of each decade perfectly. Here are some of the looks that caught my attention:

1920s - Fierce Flapper look

1920s – Fierce Flapper look

1930s – Siren In Rouge look

1930s – Siren In Rouge look

1940s - The Pin Up look

1940s – The Pin Up look

1960s - Mod Rocker look

1960s – Mod Rocker look

1980s - Electric Raver look

1980s – Electric Raver look

2000s - The Socialite look

2000s – The Socialite look

The Future - The Glam Goddess look

The Future – The Glam Goddess look

The Glam Goddess look of the future is inspired by the latest makeup trends from Milan and Italy with consideration to make it wearable and relevant for Asian’s features. It makes full use of a blend of sparkling gold and rich brown tones which contrasts against each other beautifully on Malaysians’ skin tone. Stevensunny creates a mixture of light brown and gold on the center, and darker gradient shading on the sides to give a subtle and yet eye-catching effect that is wearable everyday for Malaysian woman. For this Glam Goddess look, Stevensunny used: Eyes

  • Fashion Brown Sharp Pencil in Brown, RM 24.27
  • Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, RM 21.08
  • Big Eyes Shadow in Copper Gold, RM 48.64
  • Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Gold-iation, RM 21.08
  • Color Show Crayon Kohl in Inca Gold, RM 18.97


  • Blush Em’ in I’m Glowy!, RM 31.01


  • Color Sensational in Rebel Bouquet REB06, RM 31.68

Maybelline Dress by Stevensunny

Maybelline Dress by Stevensunny

Group photo

Group photo

My own rendition of The Future look

My own rendition of The Future look

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  1. Nice photos! 100 years is a very long time. Happy centurion! 🙂

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