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Thanks to some friends who still remember my existence and tagged me in this 20 Facts About Myself tagging game that has suddenly gone viral, Tammy Lim, Janice Yeap and Ben Dan. So I took some off time to complete this and decided to post it on my blog as well and let my readers know more about me ^_^
#20factsaboutmyself, tallpiscesgirl
#20factsaboutmyself, tallpiscesgirl
Here goes!


  1. I’m a Pisces and I believe horoscope is the base of ppl’s characteristic but daily horoscope predictions are total bullshit.
  2. My hometown is in KL, not Penang as most ppl thought.
  3. I’m a Hokkien but doesn’t know how to speak cos dad never speak to me in Hokkien. I’m learning as I frequent Penang nowadays.
  4. I pick up languages pretty fast. I learned some Korean through watching Running Man, K-dramas and K-songs.
  5. I can sing fluent Japanese and Korean songs! ^_^
  6. I always have stomach problems (bloated with gas, food poisoning, etc.)
  7. Had surgery for ovarian cyst when I was still in uni.
  8. I love new experiences and share them with ppl and hence I started blogging.
  9. My blog at www.tallpiscesgirl.com is already 5 years old.
  10. I love to sing and dance a lot but I never take any initiative to make it as my career #biggestregret
  11. I’m good at detective works.
  12. I’m not easily influenced by ppl’s words. I’m a person who believes my own eyes and prefer to listen to both sides of the story before judging.
  13. I’m lazy and love to procrastinate but luckily I also have the discipline to stop myself from continuing being lazy.
  14. I’m good at managing finances. I won’t splurge if I don’t have the money.
  15. I used to study in a girls’ school – PESS (Pudu English Secondary School) that is also known as “purple school”.
  16. I graduated from UTAR with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  17. I always know that I need to exercise but too lazy to do it. My body is not flexible enough! Can I just exercise in my brain? >_<
  18. I develop crushes on ppl easily but I’m clear that it’s only a phase.
  19. I’m quite kiasu sometimes and I check for apps update everyday =p
  20. I value each and every friendship and appreciate what friends did for me ^_^
That’s it! Have a nice day, everyone! Muahhhh~~~
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  1. Foong Pc says:

    1. Yes, daily horoscope prediction is bullshit!
    2. Oh hometown in KL? So no need balik kampung lah, everyday at kampung! 😀
    5. Wah! Can sing fluent Jap and Korean songs? Let me hear it!! 🙂
    6. Stomach problems? Maybe you need to watch what you eat and take good bacteria supplement!
    11. Good at detective work? You should be a detective!!
    14. Good at managing finances? But good at managing your hubby's finances or not? 😀
    17. NO!!!
    19. You should be a Singaporean!
    Luckily, you did not tag me! Hahaha.

  2. Charmaine Pua says:

    Hahaha detective job nowadays very dangerous lah! XD

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