CNBLUE Samsung GALAXY Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia 2013 [PHOTOS]

26 August 2013
How was your weekend peeps?? I had a great one! After getting to meet them at the press conference, lady luck was on my side again and got to catch CNBLUE’s Samsung GALAXY Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia at Stadium Negara thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting! I’ve gotten a pair of VVIP A tickets! Clumsy Boy spent RM 20 for the parking though… he should have haggled a bit!! Aigooo…
As I’ve been rushing from another event, I just ate some overpriced snacks from the stalls outside and headed into the stadium’s toilet to change into my Blue Moon t-shirt. The horror when I saw the queue!!! Seriously?? Left 30 minutes only for the concert to start weh!
What is this? So long queue for female toilet!
What is this? So long queue for female toilet!
Then, Clumsy Boy asked me go to male toilet cos it’s very empty. Quite a lot of girls went in also so don’t care la hahaha! Went in to get changed in less than 3 minutes. Borrowed Jackie‘s Sony DSC-HX50V that has a powerful zoom feature since I don’t have a compact camera (yet).
"Charmaine was here" photo. Too bad it's too blurry thanks to Clumsy Boy >__<
“Charmaine was here” photo.
Too bad it’s too blurry thanks to Clumsy Boy >__<
Can't wait to meet them! #cnblue
Can’t wait to meet them! #cnblue
KouJee Beatbox was the opening act for Samsung GALAXY Blue Moon Tour. Very awesome beatboxing skills with style indeed!
KouJee Beatbox
KouJee Beatbox

CNBLUE Samsung GALAXY Blue Moon World Tour

A blue ocean is waiting for blue moon~~
A blue ocean is waiting for blue moon~~
They are finally descending to earth!
They are finally descending to earth!
The lighting setup and effects were beautiful and impressive as it resembled the amazing galaxy with stars, meteors and of course, the brightest star of all is CNBLUE!
Among the stars
Among the stars
Here are some individual photos for you to drool on:

Jung Yong-hwa (lead vocal, rhythm guitar)

Lee Jong-hyun (lead guitar, vocals)

Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar, vocals)

Kang Min-hyuk (drums, vocals)

Guess what? After their break, the changed into the same t-shirt as me! HAHAHA! *proud*
Lee Jong-hyun somehow looked a bit like Kim Jong Kook due to his hair style and buff body.

Something that we noticed were the fact that CNBLUE has put so much effort to impress BOICE, their fans. They’ve learned quite a number of Malay phrases, not just limited to “Apa khabar” and “Saya cinta padamu”. Min-hyuk even said “Di Malaysia banyak makanan yang sedap” and stated that he likes satay and nasi lemak. Pretty impressive for a first timer to speak so many Malay words (and getting it correct)! They also asked “Bagaimana kamu rasa?” quite a number of times and that made the crowd ecstatic. We even did the wave twice! Such a touching moment to see that scene.

Songs performed include Just Please, LOVE Girl, I’m a Loner, LALALA, Feeling, In My Head, Intuition and many more! The concert lasted for 2.5 hours!! I wished they’d stay longer though.

It's a beautiful ending~~
It’s a beautiful ending~~

During the concert though, there was this excited uncle who kept waving his hand from left to right, blocking my view of Jung Shin no matter how far I managed to zoom >__< Halo uncle!! Can you move your hands from front to back instead? *grrrr*

Neh this uncle lor
Neh this uncle lor
Satisfied fan girls: yours truly, Uni, Caroline and Carolyn after the concert! Photo credits: Carolyn Tay
Satisfied fan girls: yours truly, Uni, Caroline and Carolyn after the concert!
Photo credits: Carolyn Tay

While walking back to my car, there was this t-shirt seller who tried so hard to sell off his pirated t-shirts that he pointed at my t-shirt and said this to the young fan girls who were suspicious of his shirts.

“Mereka punya (pointing at my t-shirt) ada “Samsung GALAXY”… saya punya limited edition… tak tipu!”

DAFUQ?! Then I said under my breath: Tipu laaaaa….

Dear fans, if you wanna buy merchandise, pls buy original wan la or else might as well don’t buy :X

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  1. Carolyn Tay

    August 26

    Yours pics also not bad mahhhh 😀 hehhehee!

  2. LOL too bad the cam wasn't mine!
    Surveying which camera to buy now that's why I asked which cam were you used 😀

  3. Bella Enveeus

    August 28

    Nice pics.. I guess I'm only loyal to Big Bang so other bands don't make me as excited as I am about Big Bang.. If BB does come back here again, I might go cooky and fangirling all over the place.. 😛

  4. Sharon

    August 29

    yerrr Y no bring me?! T.T

  5. Mr Lonely

    August 29

    haiz, cn blue just remind me of something sad… sigh…

  6. Big Bang is like the biggest thing in Kpop!!
    I wonder when they'll be back in Malaysia again!

  7. Didn't know u wanna go ma T__T

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