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Heya princesses and princes! This post may be more suitable for the ladies but if you’re a good boyfriend/husband/daddy/grandpa, it might be useful for you too! :p

So what’s the news today? Oh nothing special today. But on tomorrow, MIVVA Beauty Box will be launched officially and you’ll get a curated box of 5-6 deluxe beauty products packed in a pretty gift box, at only RM 38 per month!

MIVVA BeautyBox

MIVVA Beauty Box

However, only members will be able to get their hands on the limited beauty boxes. So how do you get Priority Access to this exclusive membership? Easy! As a reader of mine, I’m going to give you a special Invitation Code to key in when you sign in. I’ll explain it in detail =)

  1. Click here to register.
  2. Key in DISCOVERMIVVA as MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code.
    MIVVA Invitation Code in sign up page
    Key in MIVVA Invitation Code on sign up page
  3. Activate your membership.
  4. Voila! You’re done!

I can’t wait to receive my MIVVA box! If you wanna buy me one as Christmas present, I’ll be happy to receive it! Hehe!

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  1. Huai Bin says:

    Hey, good for a Christmas gift too. 😉

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Yeahhhh I wouldn't mind getting that as Christmas present! 🙂

  2. Camy says:

    nice one! i signed up too!

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Awesome! Which package did you subscribe?

  3. missyblurkit says:

    Another beauty box in the market. This is also a godo Christmas pressie!

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Yeah no need to worry about what to buy as gifts anymore!

  4. with love says:

    thank u thank u…:) 🙂

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