Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong


I’m sure all of us here always complain that the weather in Malaysia is too hot. I, however, found a blessing in disguise here: at least we can enjoy cool cold desserts and drinks here right? Talk about positivity! πŸ˜€

I never hesitate a moment when I was invited to review UFO Desserts & Drinks at Bandar Menjalara since it’s really really near from Clumsy Boy’s house at Kepong. Located along the busy streets of Bandar Menjalara just opposite Shell petrol station, they offer a wide range of desserts and drinks here to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 1
UFO entrance

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 2
Simple decorations yet comfortable to be in

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 3
Left: Honey Peach Yoghurt Smoothie with Rainbow Jelly topping (RM 5.50)
Right: Winter Melon Tea with Grass Jelly (RM 4)

Currently addicted to Gong Cha‘s Winter Melon Tea, I must try UFO’s Winter Melon Tea with Grass Jelly. The taste was quite alright and refreshing. I like the fact that I have something to chew on while drinking it but it would taste better if they add some salted cream on top it though. Diversifying from tea, they also have Honey Peach Yoghurt Smoothie with colorful Rainbow Jelly that definitely cheered up my day. To cater the need of customers, all beverages’ sugar level can be customized.

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 4
 Left: Pearl Milk Tea (RM 4.50)
Right: Aiyu Lemon Green Tea (RM 4.50)

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 5
Hot Grass Jelly with Mini QQ Balls

Here at UFO, taro balls are known as QQ balls and they take pride on their hand made QQ balls. On a cool rainy day, I’ll be sure to order this Hot Grass Jelly with Mini QQ Balls to warm up my stomach. But… the mini QQ balls are too cute to be eaten, don’t you think so?

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 6
Matcha Ice Series with Red Bean, Taro, Ocha Balls and Yoghurt Popping Balls (RM 6.00)

One thing I really love about UFO is generous amount of toppings they give. They’re not stingy at all in this department. Just look at how full the bowl of Matcha Ice Series is and you’ll know what I mean. The Ocha Balls taste surprisingly pleasant although I expected it to taste “greenishly bitter”. Thumbs up to them!

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 7
Soya Ice Series with Red Bean, Taro and QQ Balls toppings (RM 6.00)

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 8
    Grass Jelly Series with Sweet Potato, Pearl and QQ balls topping (RM 6.00) 

UFO also offer Soya Ice Series and Grass Jelly Series. I’m lucky to be able to try all because I’ll be spoilt for choice if I were asked to choose. As usual, QQ balls are a must for me if I were to eat dessert because I really love to chew on it.

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 9
UFO Lemon Aiyu with Aiyu Jelly and Yoghurt Popping Balls (RM 4.50)

If you’re already bored with the usual desserts that other dessert chains already have, fret not. They also have this special UFO Lemon Aiyu with Aiyu Jelly and Yoghurt Popping Balls. You’ve gotta try the Yoghurt Popping Balls! Chewing on it is really really fun! When it pops, you’ll taste the sourish yoghurt burst out from the yoghurt balls. Put a lot in your mouth and it’ll burst like bomb once you chew hahahaha!

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 10

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 11

Last but not least in the desserts department, is the QQ ball series. Shaved ice is accompanied by various toppings like red bean, QQ balls and Ocha balls, perfect on a hot sunny day and I bet it’s quite filling too.

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 12
Grass jelly base and soya base

Food Review: UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Kepong 13
Fries galore! (RM 5 each)

SURPRISE! There’s french fries!! My favorite snack of all time! They offer 5 flavors which are Wasabi, Seaweed, BBQ, Cheese and Chilli. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, seaweed and cheese flavor are very addictive! To add some excitement to your taste buds, try Wasabi. I guarantee you’ll be surprised. I had a ‘WOW” moment when I tasted it πŸ™‚

By the way, you can also collect loyalty points here using ChopChop loyalty mobile app. Aiming to minimize the usage of paper/plastic loyalty cards and consolidate them into digital form, it actually very convenient to us.

UFO Desserts & Drinks
No. 53, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Manjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-6262 6478

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 1:00 pm – 1:00 am

Facebook page: UFO (Kepong)


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  1. foongpc

    August 10

    I've been to UFO in SS2. Not bad but I think still cannot beat Snowflake : )

    • I've only been to Snowflake for once :p
      Then maybe you should try desserts that Snowflake dun have πŸ™‚

  2. Yuki

    August 10

    Everytime I visit your blog I see some delicious food you got to try! >w<; So unfair, lol! πŸ˜€

  3. Cindy

    August 11

    i love how the yogurt popping ball surprise me…I been there numerous time and still loves it…I think it taste better than snowflake as i prefer their topping over the later one…the grass jelly and taro is very delicate for my mouth.

  4. its a brilliant idea to have a mobile app to replace the plastic or card loyalty cards. no more need to carry another pouch for the cards:D let's hope more retailers adopt the loyalty card mobile app idea.

  5. Merryn

    August 12

    I'm a VERY loyal Snowflake fan! LoL! NOTHING can take me away from Snowflake! *ok I better keep my mouth shut now* haha πŸ˜›

  6. another snowflake-alike! =.=

    i don't likey taro balls. but my friends love them to bits!

  7. suituapui

    August 13

    No, thanks…not a fan of these desserts. Don't mind the fries instead.

  8. Tony Teh

    August 13

    Hated the one in SS2. It's like a lower standard of the Taiwanese brands. Gay subtitles of a pirated copy of "The Departed"

  9. Just had my dinner. Time for desserts after looking at your post πŸ™‚

  10. Xue Ren

    August 13

    I gotta try UFO then! so near to my house! =P

  11. It's so far away from my place :'( But I wanna try it !

  12. [SK]

    August 14

    yet another dessert shop in town?? hahahaha, sometimes i just think there are so much i don't even have time to visit them~~ :p

    • Haha it's true!
      That's where I come into the picture and help you try first! :p

  13. Katrina Tong

    September 27

    Any idea how does this compare to others alike eg. Snowflakes, Blackball, etc? Snowflakes in my opinion has dropped in standard quite a bit recently.

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