Of Dad’s Birthday and Whitesoot!


Last Sunday was dad’s birthday! My dad really like to eat at Kim Gary and Wong Kok but since these two are too mainstream, I brought him to Coffee Berry instead. New heard of it leh? Teehee~~ We ate quite a lot there, so the review will be up in a separate post.

Overall, the food was really good. Everyone praised the food and said that it’s better than Kim Gary and Wong Kok because they have some unique dishes =)

Of Dad's Birthday and Whitesoot! 1
Wore a dress by Whitesoot to celebrate with dad <3

A big thank you to Whitesoot for sponsoring! I really love this design and the sponge inside feels so comfortable!

Of Dad's Birthday and Whitesoot! 2
Our family photo!
I wonder where my mum was looking at!

Of Dad's Birthday and Whitesoot! 3
After I arrived home, I still can’t stop camwhoring XD

Of Dad's Birthday and Whitesoot! 4
…and camwhoring LOL!

FYI, there will be new arrivals in Whitesoot every day, from Sunday to Thursday 8PM so I guarantee you won’t feel bored! Come over to https://whitesoot.blogspot.com/ and start shopping!! 😀

P/S: Happy Birthday my beloved dad! Thanks for supporting me always… It kinda hurts my heart to see that there’s so much white hair on your head the other day T.T

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