Experiencing LAUGH FEST 2012: Papi Zak’s PILLOW TALK

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Papi Zak Pillow Talk 11 | Experiencing LAUGH FEST 2012: Papi Zak's PILLOW TALK
Remember my previous post about Laugh Fest 2012: Papi Zak’s Pillow Talk? It was my first time watching a stand up comedy! I felt really excited on the day itself 🙂

Experiencing LAUGH FEST 2012: Papi Zak’s PILLOW TALK

We're here at PJLA!
We’re here at PJLA!
The show started with a video of Kavin Jay and Papi Zak talking to each other and then Papi Zak asked Kavin Jay to go out for the show. Kavin Jay finally appeared in front of us! His jokes which covers his childhood and sex life were hilarious!! One of the jokes that I like is this: As an Indian, he doesn’t understand why his Chinese friends likes to tease him by saying “apunene” and “ingepuringge”. The truth is, he doesn’t know what the fuck they mean! LOL! Yes, that’s the exact words he used. But then he said, he couldn’t use back the same tactic to his Chinese schoolmates cos he can’t go to them and say “Hey! Tau fu fah~~ Tau jiong sui~~” After some entertaining jokes by Kavin Jay, the video resumed and it was Papi Zak’s turn to come out. He made a grand entrance by dancing with 2 sizzling hot girls clad in sleepwears!! I’m sure all the guys were having nosebleed teehee~~ Anyway, it was an entertaining night and I really enjoyed it!
Papi Zak!
Papi Zak!
Although Laugh Fest has ended, there are still shows in PJ Live Arts. Do check it out at https://www.pjlivearts.my 🙂
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  1. suituapui says:

    Lucky you… I'm sure that was an entertaining show. A good laugh is always good for a person…

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Ya I really that to release stress!

  2. Simple Person says:

    I love comedy show a lot ….
    I am sure you enjoy it a lot…

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      I enjoy comedy a lot too! Especially when I'm unhappy…to cheer myself up

  3. Meitzeu says:


  4. Isaac Tan says:

    sounds like an interesting event. XD

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      It is! I can't wait for the next Laugh Fest!

  5. Tony Teh says:

    PJ Live Arts always have these kind of standup comedy acts but I have never been there even once eventhough I stay so close by hahah LG Cinema 3D Smart TV review

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Where do you stay?

  6. Xue Ren says:

    aww! envy betul that you attended a comedy show LIVE somemore! =P

  7. Henry Tan says:

    wow good that u enjoy it! =D
    i never been to any of it yet. =S

  8. Eunice says:


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