250 feet Lou Sang Ceremony @ Jaya One

14 February 2012

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll probably know that Chinese New Year is a boring season for me. But this year is a bit special though, because I was invited to the 250 feet lou sang ceremony organized by Jaya One (update: held on 2nd January).

250 feet Lou Sang Ceremony @ Jaya One

Many entertaining programmes were lined up for the event. It first started with a 24-Season Drums and Chinese Traditional Instruments followed by speeches by the VIPs that attended the event including YB Teresa Kok. After the speeches, Dragon Dance was performed. Both performances are full of energy and delivers a positive vibe to the audience.

24-Season Drums and Chinese Traditional Instruments (1)


24-Season Drums and Chinese Traditional Instruments (2)


VIPs of the day
YB Teresa Kok giving her speech


The Dragon is waiting…


Ah Dragon Dance finally started!

Soon after that, the climax of the event finally arrived: Lou Sang ceremony!!! There were a lot of participants all united to ‘lou hei’ (bring things up a notch) in this Dragon year!

Let’s Lou!


250 feet until the end


Mountain people, mountain sea (人山人海)!

After eating our food, we were presented with Lion Dance. The naughty but cute lions were truly entertaining with their acting. Some pretend to be scared, some pretend to fall in order to bring suspense to the audiences. It was a truly enjoying experience!

Lion Dance (1)


Lion Dance (2)


Lion Dance (3)


Lion Dance (4)

Serge and I…but he looked so sad 🙁


Hehe take two looks a lot better! 😀
Group photo courtesy of Jaya One


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  1. Simple Person

    February 14

    kewl ..
    i didn't know that jaya 1 had this event…..

  2. ChrisAu

    February 14

    Thought CNY Is over but still Lou sang! Nice ambience !

    • Charmaine

      February 15

      Haha it was held on 2nd Feb but I was busy to update :p

  3. ChrisAu

    February 14

    Wow….still Lou sang after CNY!

  4. Aki

    February 15

    wow.. there's a lot of you there.. makan free ah?? I'll sure love it if it's me.. 😀

    • Charmaine

      February 15

      Everyone oso makan free but due to they lou until very messy, a lot of ppl oso din really eat 🙁

  5. Smitten ByFood

    February 15

    Woah.. such a big celebration…. impressive.

    • Charmaine

      February 15

      Yeah it was a large celebration! Glad to be invited!

  6. Merryn

    February 15

    I saw Ah Bok at the end of that 250 feet lou sang! 😀

    • Charmaine

      February 15

      Hahaha yah Ah Bok was busy preparing the stuff for lou sang 😀

  7. Sherrie Pui

    February 15

    Nice one! Finally get to see how the event is like!

    • Charmaine

      February 15

      Haha sorry for the slow poke :p Hope you enjoyed my post!

  8. FiSh. ohFISHiee

    February 15

    ohh you were there! i only saw the coverage on the newspaper, first time watching the live video

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  9. bendan

    February 16

    wow.. crowded!! Free food by invite?? Cool..how u get that. Haha!!

    • Charmaine

      February 16

      Invited as blogger through e-mail but then, everyone also get free food la XD

  10. missyblurkit

    February 17

    i missed this event. was elsewhere celebrating though i wished i had a go at the super long yee sang.

  11. Nice Post! Now i know that jaya One had this event…

  12. Isaac Tan

    February 18

    woot, what a nice event there 🙂

  13. Armstrong

    February 18

    A lot of lions! Raaarw… and the dragon is so colourful.

    Wow long table o.

    Happy weekend, Chairmaine.

  14. Kian Fai Koh

    February 18

    Wow! This looks sure Full and lots of Salmon sacrifice themself for this XD

  15. Henry Tan

    February 19

    at first i thought is 250 feet tall. like how tall they can lou. LOLLL

  16. Anne Lee

    February 22

    aw, didnt knew jaya one had this event. missed out. T.T. but that's pretty amazing though.

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