Food Review: BlackBall @ Sri Petaling

16 January 2012
Story of BlackBall
The name BlackBall was taken from the main ingredient, ‘Xian Cao‘ which is a type of ‘black’ jelly and taro ‘balls’ in their dessert creations. The founder, Mr. Tang was an accomplished tour guide and dessert connoisseur in Taiwan. He made his own recipe using ‘Xian Cao’ and gets his supply from ‘Guan Xi‘ district, a place that is famous for its high quality ‘Xian Cao’. The first outlet in Taipei was opened in 2006 and since then, the signature BlackBall has gained success and is one of the biggest dessert chains in Taipei, having over 20 outlets there.
BlackBall in Malaysia
The first outlet of BlackBall is located at SS15, Subang Jaya. Due to overwhelming response, it is also now available at Sri Petaling, Damansara Uptown, Johor Bahru and Penang. I had the chance to visit the Sri Petaling outlet on one sunny afternoon, craving for something cool to relieve my dehydration.
Phew~ We’re finally at BlackBall!

Clean and neat arrangements makes me feel welcomed

Blackball Signature Cold (RM 6.50)
A combination of chewy pearls, red bean and handmade taro balls, this is a refreshing and cooling dessert.
Perfect on a hot day like this! Besides, it’s so colorful it instantly lifted my mood up 🙂

Blackball Signature Hot (RM 6.50)
The air conditioner inside the shop is actually quite cool… Maybe it’s time for something hot!

NEW PRODUCT: BlackBall Winter Melon Ice (RM 6.90)
Although the toppings looked almost the same, don’t be fooled.
The difference lies beneath the toppings. It’s Winter Melon!! Love the natural sweetness of winter melon as it’s a better choice for health conscious people

Red Bean Ice Combo (RM 6.50)

Grass Jelly Ice (RM 6.50)
Can you see the smooth texture of the grass jelly? Just so you know, grass jelly is beneficial for health as an alternative to relieve heartburn.

Cranberry Crushed Ice with Milk (RM 6.50)

‘Jiu Fen’ Taro Ball Crushed Ice (RM 6.50)
Taro balls were originated from ‘Jiu Fen’, Taiwan. At BlackBall, you will be able to taste the authentic ‘Jiu Fen’ Taro Balls and crushed ice that were prepared 3 days before serving to ensure dryness.

Red Bean Crushed Ice with Milk (RM 6.50)

L-R: 3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea (RM 5.90), Winter Melon Tea with Jade Jelly (RM 5.90),
Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly (RM 5.90), Cranberry Lemon Juice (RM 4.90), Boba Milk Tea (RM 5.90),
Signature Xian Cao Tea with Grass Jelly (RM 5.90)

If you’re a first timer, I’d recommend you to order Boba Milk Tea before trying other flavors. Boba Milk Tea is prepared by mixing freshly brewed tea and milk imported from Taiwan. Drink it with the chewy and gummy pearls and feel them dance in your mouth!

NEW PRODUCT: ‘Xian Cao’ Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly (RM 5.90)

79-G, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.



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  1. Aki

    January 16

    ho ho ho.. this was good, I should make a review on this new outlet at Midvalley, the Comebuy.. Their pudding is just awesome!! ^_^.v..

  2. FiSh SzeHui

    January 17

    i like their taroballs XD larger and more firm

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  3. Charmaine

    January 17

    Aki: Ah… I've been planning to write on that too! They have puddings?

    Fish: Haha very bouncy too!

  4. ChrisAu

    January 17

    Hmmmmm.JB also got? Let me check it out!

  5. Smitten Byfood

    January 18

    There are so many Taiwanese desserts popping up around the Klang Valley area. Which is the real original Taiwanese Desserts? =)

  6. Blackswan

    January 18

    I do t think we have this here in S'pore. Wanna try this too 🙂

  7. 比比

    January 18

    I like the Cranberry Crushed Ice with Milk,sweet and sour,yummy^^

  8. Charmaine

    January 18

    ChrisAu: Yeah got! Finally something that you can try from your place 🙂

    Smitten: LOL yeah right! But I don't care it's real original or not as long as it's tasty :p

    Blackswan: Awww… Come to JB hehe

    比比: Eek… sour is not for me though hehe

  9. Merryn

    January 18

    Why got stickers on their bowls one?

    • Charmaine

      January 19

      Haha purposely wan so that we won't get confused by the names. Most of the toppings are the same and the difference is at the base.

  10. Eunice

    January 19

    Red bean milk ! Red bean milk! Encore encore!!!!!! >.<

  11. omg looks yummehh!~!~!~

  12. Nikel Khor

    January 19

    A great place to relax with drinks.. haha

  13. Nava.K

    January 19

    Being in SS15 all the time, wonder how I have missed this outlet. Maybe I never bothered to look out for it but after looking all the goodies you have shared, I will check out soon. Like anything with red beans.

  14. Maurice

    January 23

    Hope they taste as lovely as they look.
    Too bad we don't have this overhere 🙁

    Nice pictures by the way! Did you make them?


    • Charmaine

      January 24

      Yeap it tastes awesome but it's not made by me unfortunately! 😀

  15. tips-trik

    January 24

    nice posting ^_^

  16. Maurice

    January 24

    Hahaha, I already thought you didn't make the food, but did you make the pictures? 😀

  17. Maurice

    January 25

    In that case… nice job on the photos. My compliments! That's what I also wanted to say 🙂

  18. Nath

    March 20

    cannot be missed @ such weather 😀

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