11 facts for the end of 11

Okay, I was tagged by a Naughty Brat called Nana (LOL!) and I thought it’s already end of the year, so why not just do it? 😉 I thought my readers should know me more too so please it carefully ar!
  1. If someone hold you at a gun point, what is the first thing you think will thought of?
    No time to think! Grab the gun from him! Haha XD
  2. and if they ask you “Any last words?” what would your answer be?
    Ask yourself cos the gun is with me already :p
  3. What animal do you think best represent yourself? Why?
    Erm… a cute piggy? Cos I love pink and cute stuff. Been collecting piggy stuff for years.

    Piggy Plushie
  4. Is there any animal you wish you can keep as a pet? Why?
    Probably a toy poodle cos it’s cute but I don’t think I have that much time to keep pets though.
  5. Name one thing (if you have any) you vow never to do again but kept on doing it anyway?
    Like expecting too much from friends?
  6. Did you manage to complete this year’s resolution? What is it?
    I don’t have any yearly resolution cos I know it’s useless. If you really want something to change, you can make a resolution any time.
  7. Do you have a new year resolution or are you just renewing the old one?
    If I really need to make a resolution, it would be live my life to the fullest and work towards personal development.
  8. Name me blogs that you always visit because it’s your favorite (s).
    In Piscean’s Heart hahaha!!!
  9. Have you ever meet me in person? What was your very first thought when you initially saw me?
    Yeap! A super friendly gal! Me likey!! <3
  10. Do you dance/sing/act? Or do you want to learn dance/sing/act?
    I dance and sing at home (a lot) LOL!! Do crazy things when I’m alone but I suck in acting cos I’ll always end up laughing!! I felt it’s really funny to deceive the audience XD
  11. What is your biggest fear… Ever!
    My biggest fear would be… being ignored by people whom I love and care (T.T)

This is a video I’d wanna share with you guys. Very meaningful and exactly what I’m thinking. Ponder through it kay?

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