My First Platinum Card!!!

HSBC Platinum Credit Card
HSBC Platinum Credit Card

*Jumps joyfully!* I finally have a platinum credit card! Not so proud of it though because it’s a supplementary from my dad. Ever since I’ve started working, I never used the supplementary card anymore but I still kept it anyway. Last week, my dad gave me this card to replace the previous gold card. It seems like HSBC has been quite desperate so they automatically upgraded our gold card to platinum card by mail!

My dad called to say he doesn’t want it but HSBC said it’s compulsory and terms and condition will remain the same. I still doubt it though. Normally the annual fee for platinum card is more expensive than gold card >.<

But if it’s true, I hope they will auto upgrade my HSBC Amanah gold card to platinum too!!! :p
  1. Kelvin

    October 8

    Supplementary card…u should be contented lol, my dad never gave me money after i am 21…and i have to pay his bills sometimes 🙁

  2. Charmaine

    October 9

    Kelvin: Hahaha he also never gave me money after I started working except my bday la

  3. ChrisAu

    October 9

    Errrr…. Try not to use it unless necessary. That's my principle in financed management.

  4. Charmaine

    October 9

    ChrisAu: Thanks for the advice! I normally will settle my debt every month hahaha no outstanding!

  5. Eric Lee

    October 9

    woaaahhhh….my dad never gave me any credit cards…scared i'll make him broke..hahahaha XD

  6. ken

    October 10

    can swipe swipe swipe 😛

  7. Nana Eddy

    October 11

    Waaah~ got card. My vow is to not have a card – if possible. hehe

  8. Charmaine

    October 11

    Nana: Rugi la if don't use credit card. Got rebates wan le 😉

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