Fruit Land @ Viva Home Mall

We went to this restaurant during our first visit to Viva Home Mall. In my previous post, I have mentioned that there are many eateries here.
Their signature food is actually ice fruit desserts but I don’t have the chance to try yet. Their desserts are a crossover of Fresh Fruit sago lolo and famous Tao Fu Fa glutinous rice ball which designed especially for fruit enthusiasts and dessert lovers across all ages.
When I was eating inside, I saw many people are bringing their cameras, DSLRs and phone camera to shoot something outside. Out of curiosity, I went and checked it out. Look what I found!
Fruit Land @ Viva Home Mall 1

Fruit Land @ Viva Home Mall 2

Fruit Land
Fruit Land

Fruit Land @ Viva Home Mall 3
Kitchen Bar


Fried Fish Chops and Chips
Fried Fish Chops and Chips + Appetizer + Ice Lemon Tea (RM 11.90)
Isn’t that Fish and Chips??? LOL the name’s weird. The fish tastes not bad.
Very worth since the price includes appetizer and drink too!

Appetizer (Sorry, I can’t remember what it is! :p)

Crispy Crabby
Crispy Crabby
Basically, this is fried crabstick. I think it’ll tastes better if they don’t slice the crabstick so thin.

Ice Lemon Tea
Ice Lemon Tea

Lot 1-09 & Lot 1-10,
Level 1, Viva Home Mall,
No. 85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200, Kuala Lumpur



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