Looking For Penang Homestays?

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iBilik001 | Looking For Penang Homestays?
Gone are the days of making calls to book room and end up with expensive phone bills.

Now with just a few clicks, you can book the rooms online! Simple and hassle free! Psst… besides, homestay is a lot cheaper compared to hotel and not to forget, hotel rooms are normally fully booked during holiday season! You don’t want to sleep in your car right?

Thanks to iBilik (formerly CariBilik), finally you can book rooms from homestays, budget hotels, guest houses, hostels, and serviced apartments. I actually get to know iBilik from cabs’ advertisement, so eye catching!

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to do it (let’s say you want to find Penang homestays)

  1. Register an account if don’t have one.
    iBilik001 | Looking For Penang Homestays?
    iBilik003 | Looking For Penang Homestays?

  2. Click on the room that you prefer to rent.
    iBilik004 | Looking For Penang Homestays?

  3. Read the details and see the photos to determine whether the environment and location suits you.
    iBilik005 | Looking For Penang Homestays?

  4. If you’re interested, select the Available Date and click Book Now.
    iBilik006 | Looking For Penang Homestays?
    iBilik007 | Looking For Penang Homestays?

  5. Confirm all your details and finally click on the Confirm button.
    iBilik008 | Looking For Penang Homestays?
    iBilik009 | Looking For Penang Homestays?

  6. The owner of the homestay will need to confirm the availability before you can proceed to bank in the deposit. Don’t worry, it only take 3-20 hours! 🙂
    iBilik010 | Looking For Penang Homestays?

Isn’t it as simple as ABC? I’m sure a primary school kid also know how to do it!

Besides Malaysia, they also have rooms in Singapore and Indonesia! What a good news to me! Now I can opt for homestays when I go to Singapore or Indonesia so that I can save more on accommodation and spend on shopping instead! I’m sure many girls will agree with me! :p

Now that I know the services on this site, I’m actually very tempted to rent out the rooms in my vacant house until it’s time for me to move in. I could really use some extra money right now cos I will be jobless in 1.5 months (yes, I have resigned for good)!!


  1. Henry Tan says:

    wow! looks useful! im gonna go try now! =D

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