Food Review: The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley Megamall


Actually I didn’t notice this restaurant until recently hehe… paiseh…
I wondered what shop is it previously.

Their motto is Wholesome Italian Food and they claimed that their food has No Transfat, No MSG, No artifical colouring and NO preservatives! Damn healthy huh! The food was prepared very quick it’s like ordering fried chicken from KFC. No kidding! I would label it as the Italian ‘fast food’. The Carbonara is a bit too soft but the taste is OK though. The only complain I have would be the tasteless mushroom soup (they added too much water).

Food Review: The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley Megamall 1
The Spaghetti Farm

Food Review: The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley Megamall 2

Food Review: The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley Megamall 3
Carbonara (RM 11)

Food Review: The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley Megamall 4
Promotion: Add Soup and drink (RM 3.50)

Ambience: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Service: 7/10 (self service lah)
Value for Money: 7/10

49 & 50,
LG Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-22871798


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  1. Kian Fai

    August 19

    LG floor in midvalley? noted hehehe

    I like spaghetti no matter they taste nice or not! :X

  2. Henry Tan

    August 19

    haha. spaghetti farm. special name!

  3. Nikel Khor

    August 19

    LIKE this

  4. Aki

    August 19

    whoa.. I'm at midvalley 5 days a week,for already 2 years and didn't even try this one!! Haha.. will try it out soon!! ^_^.v..

  5. Merryn

    August 19

    looks good! Never been there though.. will try one day 🙂

  6. jfook

    August 19

    I heard pretty a lot of bad reviews of that restaurant.

  7. Charmaine

    August 22

    jfook: ya I also saw a lot of bad reviews during googling but I think this is what they call 'yat fan qin, yat fan fo' (you pay what price, you get what quality) ba

  8. Blackswan

    August 26

    Interesting name tho'. Sorry about the food but looking at the pasta, it's not my kind too. I don't like it too soggy. Perhaps better luck next time 🙂

  9. ken

    September 14

    quite nice ah.. i know i walk pass it everytime i go to MV.. but never entered 🙂

  10. Nava.K

    September 14

    Looks good but I am not a pasta person.

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