Food Review: San Francisco SteakHouse @ Jaya Square, Subang

The entrance

View of the interior
The tables and people
Free garlic bread

Front: Bora-bora (RM 7.90), Back: Ocean Breeze (RM 7.90)

Refillable Mango juice (RM 8.90)

Oreo oreo (RM 9.90)

Rump Steak (RM 36.90)

Grilled Chicken Breast (RM 21.90)

Fish and Chips (RM 22.90)

Meat detached + Oily Fish and Chips

New York Cheese Cake (RM 10.90)

Before I arrive, I’ve had numerous U-turns around Subang area thanks to so many one way roads @_@

Upon arriving, we were kinda surprised to see that the occupancy rate is so low. Only 10% of the restaurant was occupied.

The menu wasn’t really helpful at the beverages section because descriptions aren’t provided. We need to ask the captain 1 by 1 (What’s Ocean Breeze? What’s Bora-bora? Etc, etc….). The captain recommended Bora-bora, a pineapple based beverage but pineapple isn’t my thing so I ordered Oreo-oreo instead, which tastes good too! If you’re ordering refillable juices, you need to order them to refill because they won’t come without asking!

The fish and chips is not according to my expectation too as the flour and fish meat detached too easily and the french fries is overcooked. I will tolerate this if the price is not so high but now I’m eating in a classy restaurant so it’s normal if I expect more right?

And FYI, this restaurant is under Tai Thong Group Of Restaurants.

Rating: 5/10

Lot 7343, Ground Floor
Jaya Square, SS17/2
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 03-5635 3338

Business hours: 12pm – 12am


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