If I Were the Green Hornet


Green Hornet

If I Were the Green Hornet I will first create a green armor that can withstand even the strongest fire power to ensure that I won’t die so easily (or else how to fight crime right?). Why green color you asked? Promote a greener environment to save the earth ma LOL!

If I Were the Green Hornet 1
If I Were the Green Hornet 2

After that, it’s time to kick some bad ass. I will hack into the police’s system to listen for any crime reporting so that I know when crime is taking place. Once the location of crime has been identified using my GPS, I will rush to the crime scene with my super-jet-speed bicycle (bicycle is cheaper than motorcycle and car and is more affordable because I’ve spent all my money on the armor… and eco friendly too!).

If I Were the Green Hornet 3

With my armor, I’m not gonna be afraid of any weapon that the villains have and thus I can capture them easily before the police even arrive (because normally the police will arrive after the villains has been defeated yea :p).