L’occitane en Provence 2011 Diary for Charity

8 December 2010

I’ve finally got the diary!!! (jumps happily) At only RM 15 each, you can actually do your bit of charity as the proceeds will be donated to Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) to upgrade the computer and screen reader software facilities in the MAB library to further empower the visually-impaired with knowledge and information. What are you waiting for? Go grab at least 1 now! It’ll be available until 31 December 2010 only.

  1. ckinleng

    December 9

    Nice diary at good price too.

  2. y--square

    December 9

    Where to get it? I am interested

  3. Charmaine

    December 9

    Any L'occitane store =)

  4. Ronnie

    December 10

    the diary looks nice !

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