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TGV Indulge 1 Utama Review – The Finer Things in Life

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I go to the cinemas pretty often and I noticed that the experience is kinda dull. Don’t you feel the same? There’s no excitement to look forward to – just the usual ticket buying, grab a popcorn + drinks, munching in the cinema hall while watching movie and…the end. I was still in this loop…

TGV Indulge 1 Utama

TGV Indulge 1 Utama

…until I discovered TGV Indulge, the first luxury cinema in TGV 1 Utama! Thanks to The Butterfly Project for organizing this Butterfly Girls Night Out┬áto let us enjoy a glamorous and luxurious experience while mingling with the girls. I really had a great time catching up with fellow long lost bloggers. It would be a perfect movie date on Valentine’s day too!