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Break Fast in Style and Celebrate Togetherness with Marriott International Hotels

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The upcoming holy month is a time to reflect on the past year’s achievements and challenges, look to the future and appreciate the importance of close family ties and friendship. Marriott International hotels across Malaysia mark this special month to ‘Celebrate Togetherness’ with authentic, attentive hospitality, showcasing the very finest family-style cuisines.

Chef’s Signature at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel March 2019

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New Executive Chinese Chef Tommy Choong Chan Hoo of One World Hotel’s Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant has a star-studded resume. This culinary wizard brings over his conspicuous passion for cooking, together with 20 years of expertise in Chinese cuisine.

Choong’s goal is to achieve what is referred to as “clarity” — seemingly simple dishes executed with skill and subtlety, to bring out the ingredients’ natural flavors and textures. This makes the quality of ingredients critical to him, for even the most basic dishes! This is definitely the vibe I felt when tasting his dishes – so simple yet so unique and tasty!

7 Reasons Why I Love Red by Sirocco Hotel KL


Looking for a suitable hotel to stay when traveling is not an easy job. I’ve had a fair share of this and I’m the person who does planning every time I travel with my friends and family. So trust me when I say I know how it feels and what to look for. When looking for a place to stay in KL, don’t forget to consider all these aspects: Location, Feedback and ratings, Amenities, Facilities and Price.

Lobby area

Lobby area

I recently had a staycation at Red by Sirocco Hotel KL, Jalan Kamunting and I really really love the experience! Check out how they managed to get a high score during my stay.