Why I Love ARISSTO Happy Maker Coffee Capsule Machine

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tallpiscesgirl X ARISSTO Coffee Machine

Most friends would know how much I love my coffee and yes, I’ll die without coffee. Hence, ARISSTO Happy Maker Coffee Capsule Machine is literally my life saver. I must have at least a cup of coffee everyday without fail. I don’t need it to keep me awake or alert but I simply need to have it because I feel less stressed when I’m having my cup of coffee.

However, sometimes I need to rush out for events and I don’t have the time to brew my own coffee. I’d have to settle for instant coffee which I don’t prefer. If you haven’t know, instant coffee doesn’t contain actual coffee beans. The coffee flavor is made using artificial flavoring. Even if they did use real coffee bean, it is in low quantity and quality. The rest are just sugar!