KLFW 2015: Day 1 (YODA)

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OOTD @ KLFWRTW2015 | KLFW 2015: Day 1 (YODA)
KLFW 2015 Runway @ Pavilion KL
KLFW 2015 Runway @ Pavilion KL
KLFW2015 Emcees - YODA @ Pavilion KL
Emcees – YODA @ Pavilion KL
This week is a very important week for fellow fashionistas and models as Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 commences here at Pavilion KL. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by pretty people when you’re around Bukit Bintang area! I was there with my plus one, Yienyee for the first show by YODA (Young Designers Arena). My friends said she’s cute, agree? ^_^ We were pretty excited. It was my first time sitting at the front row during fashion show.
Yienyee X Charmaine
Yienyee X Charmaine
Charmaine @ Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015
Charmaine @ Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015
There were 16 designers who showcased their collections in this show. Hence, I took a lot of time to edit the photos. Waste no time, feast your eyes on these new collections.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 (KLFW 2015)


KLFW2015 YODA - Aristo
YODA – Aristo


KLFW2015 YODA - Nouveau
YODA – Nouveau


KLFW 2015 YODA - Blubelle
YODA – Blubelle


KLFW 2015 YODA - Chemboja
YODA – Chemboja

Dian KL

KLFW 2015 YODA - Dian KL
YODA – Dian KL


KLFW 2015 YODA - Madou
YODA – Madou


KLFW 2015 YODA - Euyne
YODA – Euyne

Heart Wear

KLFW 2015 YODA - Heart Wear
YODA – Heart Wear

Bella Luna

KLFW 2015 YODA - Bella Luna
YODA – Bella Luna


KLFW 2015 YODA - Oh.My.Guts
YODA – Oh.My.Guts

Emma Rachman

KLFW 2015 YODA - Emma Rachman
YODA – Emma Rachman


KLFW 2015 YODA - Qapas
YODA – Qapas

Asyikin Exclusive

KLFW 2015 YODA - Asyikin Exclusive
YODA – Asyikin Exclusive


KLFW 2015 YODA - Sorrow
YODA – Sorrow

Andy Saleh

KLFW 2015 YODA - Andy Saleh
YODA – Andy Saleh
KLFW2015 YODA - Andy Saleh
YODA – Andy Saleh
Andy Saleh, designer from Indonesia
Andy Saleh, designer from Indonesia
  • Dress – Dicvoria by Doublewoot
  • Bag – Pink Tote with Detachable Hanging Charm by Carlo Rino
  • Heels – Taupe Heels by Zalora Ezra
Which show do you anticipate the most? Click here for KLFW2015 schedule. Full album for the show can be found here.


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    wow~~ I like the collection from Aristo! SO colourful!

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