Featured in Female Magazine and Kosmopolitan October 2013

Hihi!!!! I’m so excited and happy that a small potato like me had the chance to be featured in magazines for Sony advertorial. I guess Lady Luck was on my side huh? πŸ˜‰

Female magazine October 2013
Female magazine October 2013

Anyways, here’s the article for your viewing pleasure. There was an interview session with the writer after the shooting at Blu Inc Media so she could prepare the advertorial. Appreciate her effort for doing the write up! You know who you are! β™₯

Female magazine October 2013 Sony Advertorial
Female magazine October 2013 Sony Advertorial

The English version appeared in Female magazine while the Kosmopolitan magazine one is in Malay. The October 2013 edition of Female version is really thick and comes with a free tube of Darlie Expert White! Damn worth right? Hurry up and go geddit kay?

*the end of a super short update*

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  1. Foong Pc

    October 8

    Wah! So famous!! : D

  2. wah..snapping like a pro!

  3. Camy

    October 8

    waaaa! congratsss!

  4. Christopher Au

    October 8

    wow…congrats !

  5. cindy tong

    October 8

    congrats darling!!!!!!!!

  6. ohsem!! aiyo u where got small potato!!! >:( hahaha congrats babe!

  7. hildamilda

    October 9

    Congrats babe πŸ˜€ another achievement unlocked!

  8. Haha my thoughts exactly! Thanks babe! πŸ˜€

  9. this is so cool! sweeeetttt!

  10. FiSh

    October 16

    famous blogger!! πŸ˜€

  11. missyblurkit

    October 16

    Congras girl! Am buying not for the toothpaste but so I could get your signature!

  12. Henry Tan

    October 16

    fuhhhh! snapping like a pro!! famous ad loooo! =DDD

  13. HenRy Lee

    October 16

    huah famous! i also want that camera! πŸ˜€

  14. Awww~~ You're so sweet! <3

  15. Haha no la just a lucky small potato!

  16. LOL I wish so too but life's still as usual XD

  17. I also want but they din gimme hahaha

  18. Carolyn Tay

    October 19

    Niceeeee !! You do look like a model!

  19. Awww thanks honey! <3

  20. Blackswan

    October 26

    Hey Charmaine, congrats! You certainly look good in the magazine πŸ™‚

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