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I’ve been wanting to post more about relationship stuff but I can’t seem to find the time to do it. Until today. Linora Low has uploaded a YouTube video recently (P/S: apparently it’s too controversial and as a result, it has been taken down *gasp*), ranting about the type of men she couldn’t stand. After watching it, I feel like joining in the fun too and give my two cents! Although I’ve only had 2 boyfriends including the current one, I can say that I’ve seen a lot of men before. I’ve had quite a number of friends who would confide in me when they have relationship problems.

Well, here’s my take on “Qualities Men Should Have“. Do you think you have what it takes to be my ideal man?

  1. Chivalrous
    Qualities Men Should Have 1

    Well, I’m sure all the girls will agree with this: It is very very extremely hard to find a gentleman these days. I’m not demanding a guy to open the car door for me but getting the chair for me once in a while would be great. And also, men should help out women although we ourselves can manage it! It’s hard for a strong woman to pretend weak but then, it doesn’t mean we don’t need your help. We’ll appreciate it for sure 😀

  2. Loyal
    This should be the most important quality of all: LOYALTY! I’ve once read an article that says some men think that they’re not considered cheating as long as they don’t get caught! Wow! Who are they cheating? Feels like they’re trying to cheat themselves into believing they’re loyal! Guys, it doesn’t matter whether you get caught or not. Cheating is cheating! And trust me, eventually your girl will find out whether directly or indirectly.

  3. Patience
    Qualities Men Should Have 2

    Patience! A lot of men are lacking of this quality. How do I know that? Men always complain that their girls took very long to makeup! Oh wait. Some men do have patience…but not towards girls. It’s the “boss” they’re trying to kill in PC games! No matter how many tries, they will still try again and again to kill the boss. So patient! If we girls don’t makeup and groom ourselves before going out, don’t let us catching you looking at other made up pretty girls yah! (Some male voice: Even if you makeup we also still will look at other girls de la~~)

  4. Basic grooming and hygiene
    Qualities Men Should Have 3

    I think hygiene is a basic requirement no matter is women or men. Who can stand dating a dirty guy? I’d be better off dating a beggar. I don’t like men keep loooong fingernails too! It’s because it doesn’t look nice or what. Problem is, they kept hurting us accidentally because they’re not careful enough. And girls should be handled with care :3

    So far, I haven’t met with any guys who have their spider hair (nose hair) sticking out. I don’t wanna imagine that! If guys don’t get how disgusting it is, imagine that on a girl! As for body odour, it’s surprisingly quite common! 7 out of 10 men that walked pass me has strong body odour. I do understand that men sweat a lot more than women but you can always use perfume or deodorant right? 😉

  5. Intelligent
    I’ve heard that men like dumb girls as girlfriend. True? Reason is because it’s easier to lie to them. =.=

    But I say, if you want to lie without getting caught, then improve and become more intelligent yourself! It’s such a turn off if I asked a question and the answer I got was always “I don’t know”, you know? One way to impress women is having lots and lots of knowledge. It’s never too much! Show her that you can help her solve problems and take her worries away. And will put a smile on her face 🙂

Qualities Men Should Have 4
Here’s a smile from me to you 🙂

If you have all these qualities, I’m sure you’ll get any woman you want. Very often, my male friends complain that they don’t have money and thus, no girls are willing to be with them. I think the real reason is because they don’t have the qualities I’ve just mentioned. If you do, rich or not is not important anymore. Trust me.

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  1. Shirley Tay

    September 6

    Love that sexy pix of yours!

  2. suituapui

    September 6


    • Charmaine Pua

      September 7

      Not to forget, women also must have these qualities la… except chivalrous :p

  3. April Cheong

    September 7

    I also have long nails due to my laziness in cutting them XD

  4. Tekkaus

    September 7

    Well…it is really hard to find this kind of guys nowadays. But I believe your bf is one of them aye? :p

  5. not really, so far most and almost all in my experience, the KL girls I met really want guys with money. so they can show off to their friends. and these guys also so stupid go buy expensive presents for their girlfriends when they are not even guaranteed to be together in the future also. that's how I think of it.

  6. true leh. no money no talk nowaday. sigh 🙁

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  7. Girls want guys to have cars. Girls want guys to be patient. Girls want guys who are hunks. Girls are interested in guys who do interesting things. The story goes on and on. 😉

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