Automated Chinese New Year greetings from Chairman of BN Wangsa Maju?!

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Phone call spam | Automated Chinese New Year greetings from Chairman of BN Wangsa Maju?!
On the first day of Chinese New Year, I received a weird call from an unknown number (03-20355599).
When I answered the phone, it started babbling like nobody’s business. I didn’t really pick up long enough to listen to the content though cos I was afraid it might cost me money if I continue listening so I hung up within 2 seconds.

Right after I hung up, I received an SMS. My reaction was: What?! I’ve just been phone call spammed for the first time! I’ve been spammed via SMS and e-mail but phone call is definitely new.

Phone call spam | Automated Chinese New Year greetings from Chairman of BN Wangsa Maju?!

The message read: Ucapan Gong Xi Fa Cai itu tadi adalah ikhlas dari saya Mohd Shafei Abdullah, Pengerusi BN Wangsa Maju, Selamat Maju Jaya, Selamat Tahun Baru Cina. T.K.

Translation: The Gong Xi Fa Cai greeting just now was sincerely from me Mohd Shafei Abdullah, Chairman of BN Wangsa Maju, All the best, Happy Chinese New Year. T.K.

My thoughts: Hmmm… only big corporations can afford to send SMS to so many people. I hope it’s not our tax money :/

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  1. Simple Person says:

    wow… how did he got ur number?
    u r wangsa maju citizen?

    1. Charmaine says:

      I'm a voter of that area but I never gave out my phone number! >.<

  2. Aki says:

    Sound scary tho… and U new header is damnnn lovely.. ^_^.v.. U r living ur dream now!! ^_^.v..

    1. Charmaine says:

      Thanks! It's taken few years ago though

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is definitely the tax payers' money! 🙁

  4. MichLeong says:

    -1 lol

  5. Smitten ByFood says:

    Election is def coming in March… hehhehehe

    1. Charmaine says:

      Hahaha that's for sure! XD

    2. Smitten ByFood says:

      don't forget to vote since they are so kind to you.. heheh. =)

  6. Huai Bin says:

    Well, at least you know that elections are coming! 🙂

    1. Charmaine says:

      I just pray hard that it's not on my birthday (11th) :/

    1. Charmaine says:

      Hahaha could be but highly unlikely lor

  7. Bananazஇ says:

    Could it be a prank from friends? haha. Happy Birthday its 人日rénrì CNY Day VII.

    1. Charmaine says:

      It's everyone's birthday today! Happy Birthday to you too! 😀

  8. Armstrong says:

    Wow a personal call and sms from one of the pengerusi of BN? Awesome hahaa.

    btw, hi nice to meet ya. Blogwalking here. Happy weekend.

  9. josarine says:

    I've received something similar like this before… at first the phone call, i answered… and the guy started with a greeting like the malays greet, but it sounded like as if the voice was a recorded voice. But i hung up immediately. later on i received an sms similar like yours too… creeepy in a way cause we don't know if it's real.

  10. Isaac Tan says:

    hahaha how was the babble? babbling non stop sounds cute wor.. 😛 Nowadays they will do anything to fish for votes ><

    1. Charmaine says:

      Hahaha I didn't waste my time to listen :p

  11. HouHouSek says:

    woah… xD i think i got one before also

  12. de engineur says:

    It's definitely our tax money, not that big of an amount if you have, say, 35k to 40k voters there. But more worrying is how easily they get sensitive info when and as they want it.

    1. Charmaine says:

      Yeah that's what I'm uncomfortable the most too!

  13. khengsiong says:

    Parti Gerakan is also aggressive in airing its commercials on TV…

  14. khengsiong says:

    P/S Like the first 2 pictures on top of the page.

    1. Charmaine says:

      Thank you! 😀

  15. choulyin.tan says:

    I think it's scary how easy they can just get our information -.-" simply call and send SMS is one thing… :/

    1. Charmaine says:

      No more privacy! :/

  16. Mariuca says:

    Hey sweetie! Eh sure or nooooooot this one from Chairman? He he I hope this didn't spoil your CNY mood, happy Mon, back to work edi? 🙂

    1. Charmaine says:

      Yup Chairman of Wangsa Maju branch la not Chairman of the party LOL!

  17. lunaticg says:

    You can sms by bulk and it is cheaper then sms by your handphone. They're some company offering that service. They're also selling people phone numbers. Everything is money nowadays.

    1. Charmaine says:

      Sigh why didn't I get paid by listening to the call? Hahaha

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