Shopping at La Senza Express, The Gardens on 11.11.11

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La Senza Buy 1 Get 1 RM 111 | Shopping at La Senza Express, The Gardens on 11.11.11
Just a quick update~~ Went Mid Valley to shop but it was super duper crowded! I only found an illegal parking space after making rounds for 40 minutes. Then I knew why… Couples who registered their marriage at Thean Hou Temple today (and their relatives) sure headed here for lunch since it’s so near!

La Senza 111111 Promotion
La Senza 11.11.11 Promotion

Anyway, I heard that there’s a sale at La Senza but I didn’t see the details properly. I only knew what the sale was about after I reached the shop. It’s ‘Buy 1 sexy sleepwear and get the second one at only RM 11’. So forget it… I have no one to show the sexiness to LOL! I bought something more practical instead!

I also signed up for La Senza Prestige membership card. Membership fee is RM 30 per year. I know it sounds expensive but you will get lots of discount vouchers and also 10% discount for every purchase. That’s where you get back your ‘capital’ :p They’re having a promotion right now: 3 bras at RM 169 and I also utilized my membership card so I only paid RM 152.10 for 3! 🙂

La Senza Bras
La Senza Promotion: RM 169 for 3

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  1. StarrY says:

    Nice! I have been buying stuff from La Senza since years back, they do have a lot of promotions and I always ended up buying lots. =p

  2. Bananazஇ says:

    Oh like my daughter said when she was a little girl 'boobs cover'. Whoa 11.11.11 lots of registration for marriages. What about 20.11.2011 then?

  3. Huai Bin says:

    Huh, a lot of places have promotions for 11.11.11. Interesting. 😀

  4. Hilda Milda™ says:

    Somehow it's not really buy 1 free 1, it's buy first at regular price and the second one at rm11 ): Love la senza stuff but too expensive for a student like me *emo*

  5. Qi Wen says:

    Looks good, I never shop in La Senza before..

  6. Charmaine Pua says:

    StarrY: Yeah! Lots of variety and colors!

    Bananaz: 20.11.2011 will be the next crowded day for marriage!

    Huai Bin: LOL yeah I guess it's just another reason to boost sale!

    Hilda Milda: I guess your brain tricked you. The poster wrote 'Buy 1 Get 1' then your brain auto insert the word 'Free' right? haha

    Qi Wen: Visit and see la, you'll like it!

  7. Isaac Tan says:

    interesting.. heard so much about this shop. 🙂

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