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When he told me the reason why he hated me, I was really shocked because I never thought such stupid and brainless reason even existed.

This is how it all started. I still remember when I was in Form 1, I knew a friend, let’s just call him C. We just knew each other but we instantly click and spent a lot of time together, playing video games, chatting and stuff.

Then, when I introduced him to my elder sister, he instantly fell in love with my sister. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing since my elder sister is just a year older than me. So when he asked me to help him woo my sister, I agreed and told my sister that my friend, C is in love with her.
My sister instantly declined since C isn’t really a very good looking guy. So I told my friend that my sister is not interested in him.

All of a sudden, he turned into someone that I hardly even know. As you all know, I was actually an innocent middle person that was trapped in between him and my sister. But my friend started to hate me and I really don’t understand why. It wasn’t my fault that my sister was not interested in him so I asked him why did he hated me. He told me the reason for his hatred and I was dumbfounded. He said that it was all my fault for introducing him to my sister and thus made him fell in love with her and broke his heart.

That is not the worst part yet, he even asked me to return all the birthday gifts that he gave me. This is the worst friendship that I’ve ever had and probably the most memorable one.
I swear to myself that if I ever see him again, I’ll give his @$$ a good kick. *sorry for the vulgarity*


  1. Glo-w~* says:

    Sigh…silly ppl in this world. But i really want to watch this movie^^

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