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DiGi Postpaid Plan | DiGi iPhone 4 Real

There are many plans out there that offers iPhone 4 at a subsidized price but choosing the best plan that suits my needs wasn’t at all difficult.
I like iDiGi 88 Plan from Digi because it is the cheapest and most affordable plan that offers an iPhone 4.
With the iDigi 88 Plan, I get a subsidized iPhone 4 with Unlimited Internet Access, Free TalkTime, SMS and also MMS. This fully unlocked the potential of the iPhone 4.

I also do not have to worry about the apps in the iPhone auto-updating and auto-syncing using my connection and gives me a shock when my bill comes in.
The best thing about this iDigi 88 plan is that it only cost me RM 58 per month. Even my monthly parking fee is higher than this. Hahahahaha~~

If you’re wondering why it’s called iDigi 88 Plan since it only costs RM 58 per month, here’s why: It’s original price is RM 88!!! DiGi is soooo generous that they are willing to charge us just RM 58 per month (that’s a saving of RM 30 per month, RM 360 per year!) if we choose auto billing.

Check the screenshot below:

DiGi Postpaid Plan | DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Click here for terms and conditions.

Thus, PLEASE GIVE ME THE iPHONE 4, DiGi. If I can get hold of it, it’s SHOW (OFF) TIME! And you know I’m your SMARTER CHOICE, DiGi!


  1. chris federick says:

    good luck in winning 🙂

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