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DiGi iPhone 4 Me 1

I used to think ‘ What is so great about an iPhone that everyone is willing to queue up overnight just to be the first one to get their hands on it?’.

Is it because it is a smartphone? But there are already plenty of other smartphones out there.
Is it because its touch screen is so smooth? There are also plenty of other touch screen out there that perform no less than iPhone.
Is it because it can install apps? My 6 year-old Nokia N-Gage can install apps too.

Then why is it? What does the iPhone 4 has that drives people crazy over it?
Why everyone is trying to get one for themselves?
These questions has been haunting me for so long and then one day the reason finally strucks me.

It is because ‘iPHONE 4 IS THE MOST IN AND COOLEST THING IN THE EARTH NOW!’ and having one will turned a nerd into the coolest person in town.
It has the abilities to make heads turn and people that usually don’t attracts attention will finally get the attention that they crave for so long…eventhough the attention is not on them but on their iPhone 4.

This is why I must get myself an iPhone 4 then I will be the coolest person in my office. Then my usually-arrogant-iPhone-3Gs colleagues will bow before me just to have a look at my iPhone 4. *Serves them right*

Thus, PLEASE GIVE ME THE iPHONE 4, DiGi. If I can get hold of it, it’s SHOW (OFF) TIME! And you know I’m your SMARTER CHOICE, DiGi!

  1. calvinn

    September 26

    hey hi! nanged and visited! hope you win!

  2. ♥snoopy♥

    September 26

    gud luck to u! (;

  3. toninkush

    September 27

    all the best! =)

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