My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

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inception poster | My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

My most valuable secret in my mind would be my Heroic Self.
I always hope that I somehow have super power so that I can save this world from any catastrophe.
This is why I love to watch Heroic movies.

This definitely cannot be stolen because if it was stolen, the world will lose another Hero in the making.
And if I lose my Heroic Self, my Villain Self might take over and the world will have to deal with yet another Super Villain.
But the most important thing is that if it was stolen then I might lose my self and I will never be me again. LOL!!!


  1. nana says:

    Sometimes being evil is FUN. muahaha -hey it's a brat talking after all :p

  2. Rolling Fumbling Thug says:

    Wow! A good entry I must say!

    Wish you all the best =]

  3. Lukey Cher Hong says:

    everyone hopes to be a hero too! XD

  4. Azizan says:

    I want a superpower too 😀

  5. v!vi@n says:

    hey, good job!!
    tats a good entry..
    wish you luck^^

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