1. Hpility

    March 23

    Congrats to you! 🙂

  2. Congrats 🙂

    Kepp up the good work!

  3. jfook

    March 23


  4. w3ndee

    March 23

    congrats. gotcha clicked anyway

  5. Congrats on your cheque. Good job!

  6. tahniah…. saya belum cash out lagi tunggu le…

    Jom Gatsby

    Apa Tak Berpeluh???

  7. Congratulation…Keep it up..=)

  8. wah,congrats to you,i'm still waiting for my nuff cek…:)

  9. Hazman

    March 23

    its good to have a CHEQUE for ur birthday…..

  10. Matjoe

    March 24

    congratz. it worth the blogging. i nang you too

  11. Adya A.

    March 24


  12. Khairi

    March 24

    Congratulations. Mine not yet reach. Donno where is it now.

  13. ohhhh…. how u gonna spend the money? haha

  14. sion

    March 24


  15. wow congrats! still waiting for mine 🙁

  16. congratz and happy to c someone post up the check without blurring the figures….

  17. I am so jelous [;
    but,congrats :]

  18. HenRy LeE: Went into my account already… used to dunno where hahaha

    IyouweBlog.com: Haha I won't be so secretive la

  19. Mmmm… impatient to cashout mine hehe.

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