Nuffnang Cheque Finally Reached!

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DSC00226 | Nuffnang Cheque Finally Reached!
DSC00226 | Nuffnang Cheque Finally Reached!

Finally! I requested my cashout since 2/1/2010 and it reached on 8/3/2010.
Wow 2 months of wait!
I initially hoped that this payment will be my angpau money but it ended up as birthday present instead. But anyhow, I’m really happy since this is my first time hehe 😀


  1. Hpility says:

    Congrats to you! 🙂

  2. Himmat Singh says:

    Congrats 🙂

    Kepp up the good work!

  3. jfook says:


  4. w3ndee says:

    congrats. gotcha clicked anyway

  5. Bo the Nerd says:

    Congrats on your cheque. Good job!

  6. Sharinginfoz says:

    tahniah…. saya belum cash out lagi tunggu le…

  7. Iverson D.Yuan aka Ooi Yuan says:

    Congratulation…Keep it up..=)

  8. Epul Azimi says:

    wah,congrats to you,i'm still waiting for my nuff cek…:)

  9. Hazman says:

    its good to have a CHEQUE for ur birthday…..

  10. Matjoe says:

    congratz. it worth the blogging. i nang you too

  11. Adya A. says:


  12. Khairi says:

    Congratulations. Mine not yet reach. Donno where is it now.

  13. HenRy LeE ® says:

    ohhhh…. how u gonna spend the money? haha

  14. sion says:


  15. xox `Lyng` xox says:

    wow congrats! still waiting for mine 🙁

  16. says:

    congratz and happy to c someone post up the check without blurring the figures….

  17. Bedah(bukan name sebenar) says:

    I am so jelous [;
    but,congrats :]

  18. Charmaine says:

    HenRy LeE: Went into my account already… used to dunno where hahaha Haha I won't be so secretive la

  19. QuiRkY-Malaysia says:

    Mmmm… impatient to cashout mine hehe.

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