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I’m envy, so envy when I saw guys who are so protective over their girlfriend.
A small act like embracing her shoulder with his protective arms is enough to make me envy. I even more envy towards girls who have a boyfriend who’s willing to fight for her no matter verbally or physically. At times, I really really need someone to pamper me, protect me and support me but I felt like I’m giving more than receiving the things that I need. Where is my emotional support that has been promised earlier? I’m feeling so tired.

“A Pisces loves a man who is emotionally needy and will allow her to mother and care for him. Yet, she is also attracted to the exact opposite type of man – one who is strong, that will protect and support her.” — Keep that in mind.


  1. The Prince of Centraxis says:

    Don't be so envious; it's probably possessiveness, not protectiveness…

  2. Rengam Boy says:

    Lately, I have read many blogs where the girls/women praise their boyfriends or husbands, saying how good they are. I feel so sorry for them, they are taking the first step to digging the hole deeper and deeper. Honestly, are such good men around? Look around, every day you have news of men betraying their significant others. E.g. Tiger Wood,Chua Soi Lek, and the list can go on and on. Wake up, don't jump to conclusion too early. My father says,"If Romeo and Juliet are still alive, probably they already divorced."

  3. crazywrazy says:

    Woah. I think all women also believe in horoscope. LOL I should go get a big book of horoscope and learn about woman 😛

  4. Charmaine says:

    @crazywrazy: yea i believe cos most of it is very accurate

  5. Alpha Ace says:

    chill out lady~

    d best was always next to us, y don we look deep into how to make it better. so, in the 1st place why do we choose our partner???

    need not to envy, as it was probably an illusion. negative energy will only drive us tired n sometimes miserable.

    relax, things is always nice with what we already had. if not enough, then just improves it. that is y God gave us TIME and LOVE

    anyway, wishing you a blessed New Year ahead ^__^

    *is nice to hav a ShoutBox, so visitors may drop u a short msg*

  6. 小澤 (DSvT) says:

    I always think protect our partner is our lifetime responsible de…

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