Bitten by Jelly Fish :(

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bitten - Bitten by Jelly Fish :(

When I was swimming at Teluk Batik, Manjung this evening, I felt a sharp pain on my hand so suddenly and my whole palm felt as I have been stabbed with a lot of needles. Later, my hand went numb.

Bitten by Jelly Fish

My boss told me I was bitten by jelly fish!!! OMG I never thought a place so shallow would have jelly fish!

My palm still felt pain and a bit numb now :'(

Look at my pity palm…

Bitten by jelly fish
Bitten by jelly fish

It took me a whole year to fully recover from it. The bulge just won’t disappear!


  1. Vicky 刘宁 says:

    that is sad…take care k?? 🙁

  2. c0co says:

    must apply medic if not will swollen one~*

  3. davidtan says:

    just drop by.. anyway, take care of ur self..

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