I’m Poisoned


I’m poisoned! *Sob sob* My stomach felt so uncomfortable since early in the morning. Diarrhea a few times and vomit a bit during whole day. Just ate few mouthfuls of Pan Mee cos I have no appetite. I felt nauseous the whole day. Bought some milk to drink as I remembered my grandma told me milk can neutralize the poison in body.

So at 4pm, I finally went out to consult doctor.
And she told me… eat porridge, bread, drink more water… no milk (WHAT!!!???), no spicy food, no oily food…

When I reached office, I took all the medicines like a good girl.
Then suddenly…. I can’t contain it anymore.
There goes my medicines…
Yes, I vomited… =.=”
But I definitely feel a lot better after that.