I’m Poisoned


I’m poisoned! *Sob sob* My stomach felt so uncomfortable since early in the morning. Diarrhea a few times and vomit a bit during whole day. Just ate few mouthfuls of Pan Mee cos I have no appetite. I felt nauseous the whole day. Bought some milk to drink as I remembered my grandma told me milk can neutralize the poison in body.

So at 4pm, I finally went out to consult doctor.
And she told me… eat porridge, bread, drink more water… no milk (WHAT!!!???), no spicy food, no oily food…

When I reached office, I took all the medicines like a good girl.
Then suddenly…. I can’t contain it anymore.
There goes my medicines…
Yes, I vomited… =.=”
But I definitely feel a lot better after that.

  1. kennhyn

    February 11

    need to drink more water, room temperature 100 plus is good too, rest more…. get well soon!

  2. cwee

    February 12

    poor thing….get well soon

  3. Kellaw

    February 12

    drink more water la

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