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Customized Slimming and Facial Treatment @ Mayfair Bodyline

22 July 2014
Hello everyone! I’m finally back from Krabi! Did you miss me? Please say you did! XD
A week before my trip, I was invited to the newly opened Mayfair Bodyline branch at Beauty Hall, Pavilion for some self pampering treatments. I especially need the slimming treatment to prepare myself before the trip cos I’m going to wear bikini for the first time. I need that confidence! With 29 years of experience, Mayfair Bodyline can help and guide you to achieve your goal to a better figure too =)

Mayfair Bodyline

Mayfair Pavilion
Mayfair Pavilion

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the friendly staffs and asked to wait in a cozy little room before their consultant comes in to analyze the condition of my face and body (I have stubborn cellulite on my thighs and butt! T_T). This step is very important in order for them to recommend suitable customized treatment for my facial and slimming session.


After that, I was being led to my treatment room. The place looked small due to the narrow hallway but it’s actually quite big cos you can go deeper and you’ll be surprised to see how big my treatment room is…


Ta-dah!!~~ The room was so spacious and comfortable with jacuzzi inside. How I wish to use the jacuzzi too! But never mind, I’ll just enjoy my facial and slimming session =)


Since my skin is oily on the outside but dehydrated on the inside, I was advised to experience Medijet facial treatment whereby electric wave injection was used to replace needle piercing technique that can rapidly expand 650-800 micro pores within 2 seconds. This enables the skin to carry 99% of the desired nutrients to the stratum basal (that’s 6cm deep!) and allowed it to be stored for up to 72 hours.


  • Improve skin texture and pale skin tone
  • Reduce fine lines, aged collapsed skin.
  • Acne, scarring sensitive skin
  • Pigmentation, skin discoloration
  • Dehydrated, dull oily skin
  • Cellulite breakdown with weight loss products

The sensation I experienced during the facial treatment was an extraordinary one. When my facial muscles were stimulated by the electric wave injection, it felt as if my facial muscles were tightening! But it was totally normal to feel this way as the facial muscles will be triggered to pull up and create a firming effect on my skin.

Right side vs. left side: Right side looks dramatically firmer and slimmer!
Right side vs. left side: Right side looks dramatically firmer and slimmer!


Last but not least, applied mask to replenish the nutrient and sooth the skin
Last but not least, applied mask to
replenish the nutrient and sooth the skin

Now, now… it’s time to improve my body shape! I know it’s impossible to get a perfect bikini body at just one session but at least I can improve it right? =) But before the treatment start, I underwent Vibe Kinetic Therapy first to detox my body using the infrared heat.

Vibe Kinetic Therapy machine
Vibe Kinetic Therapy machine

The vibration effect of VKT is like thousands small rolling massage with infrared that helps to burn fats faster. A 10 minutes therapy can burn 500 calories which is equivalent to 2 hours of physical exercise!

After detox, I’m ready to go through an intensive ultrasound treatment called Slim Master that creates and generates micro-bubbles using positive and negative pressure which hits the surface of fat cells to emulsify them. Emulsified fat is then absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system to be eliminated from the body. 1 session of Slim Master is equivalent to 125gm Liposuction! Awesome right? It’s non invasive and yet can still achieve great result.

Slim Master machine
Slim Master machine

They took a photo of my right and left thigh/butt to let me compare the difference and I can really see that it works! Unfortunately the photo looks indecent so…. no photo for you! =p

Chili cream and wrapper
Chili cream and wrapper

Last but not least is the CLA Chili Slimming treatment, Mayfair¡¯s best and signature slimming treatment. With the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds, the active elements in capsicum can effectively stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fat.

Wrapped in heat blanket
Wrapped in heat blanket

For effective result, I was wrapped with plastic wrapper and heat blanket to reduce fluid retention and improve blood circulation. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hot and I can still doze off! *zzz*

I was really happy with the results of the customized treatments and the level of service I received. Thank you, Mayfair Bodyline! They certainly are professional and trustable because they know what they’re doing and knowledgeable enough to answer my queries. No wonder Mayfair Bodyline is leading in slimming and beauty industry!

Now, you can get 5 treatments of your choice either for slimming or face at only RM 29! It’s time to start loving ourselves!


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