ROAR into A New Year of Blessings with Purple Cane Tea

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2022 Purple Cane Chinese New Year Banner
喜迎虎年,喜映福年May Joy fill your day; May Luck come your way.
喜气洋洋Brew a Good Pot
福气满满For all the blessings that stay.
喜福相会Take a sip, to celebrate familial
好茶相伴bliss and wellbeing!
一口茶,合家欢喜幸福!Take another, to wish for safety
再一口,人人吉利平安!and good fortune!
三口茶,生机勃勃,福到!福到!Take it thrice, to enjoy a life of vitality! Stay blessed!!

A full circle comes to close and we welcome 2022 with ROARing Blessing and Healing. Gone is 2021 and in with joyous days ahead in 2022. New year gifts convey our warm thoughts of blessings and gratitude for those who have journeyed with us the past year. Nothing is more suitable than warm tea gifts as we allow the warmth of each tea cup to transcend distance and time to share an abundance of renewed fortune and good health.

Purple Cane Tea Cuisine Chinese New Year Menu 2021

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tallpiscesgirl X Purple Cane Tea Cuisine Chinese New Year Menu 2021

I know it’s suffocating to stay home during MCO 2.0 at times but don’t give up. We can get through this together! Personally, I think it would be a good plan to have a warming Chinese New Year reunion dinner at home this year. To know that our family members are safe and sound is a blessing. So let’s browse Purple Cane Tea Cuisine Chinese New Year Menu 2021 and plan for Chinese New Year meal in advance! After all, early bird catches the worm, right?