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#LovingYou #6 – Valentine’s Day Mass R.O.M. @ Thean Hou Temple

7 March 2016

Let’s take the time machine and rewind to 14 February 2014 (14214!). Location – Thean Hou Temple (天后宫), the place where most Buddhists held their Registration of Marriage (R.O.M.). The day that Clumsy Boy and I signed the biggest contract in our lives. The contract that bonds two person to become one.

Valentine’s Day Mass R.O.M. @ Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple in the morning @ 7 am

Thean Hou Temple in the morning @ 7 am

So I woke up at approximately 5.45 am to do my makeup. For the hair, I just applied leave-in conditioner instead of styling because I’m really bad at that and it’s better to look plain than to arrive with damaged, frizzy hair. I actually tried curling my hair with curling iron few days before but it turned out super frizzy and dry! Luckily I was able to save it by using lots of hair mask.

#LovingYou #7 – Chips vs. Fries

29 May 2015

Been wanting to share this funny encounter for a long time but only get the chance to do so today. Too bad I lost the photo that I took. Hence, this will be a photo-less post. OMG! I found the photo!!! WAHAHA~~Situation: We were ordering a set of Nando’s meal to share and we can choose 2 sides for it.

Me: So… we take the potato wedges and Mediterranean Rice as the sides, ok?
Clumsy Boy: Hmmm… but I want potato chips wor
Me: But I wanna eat potato wedges wor… wedges is potato, chips is also potato. So 2 potato dishes ar?
Clumsy Boy: *looks as if his human rights is being denied*
Me: OK la, OK la… you like la *orders 2 potato side dishes*

*side dishes came*

Clumsy Boy: Huh, this is the chips??? *pointing at the French Fries*
Me: Abuh then? U think is Wise Potato Chips ar?
Clumsy Boy: Ya la, they didn’t say is which type of chips…
Me: When you eat Fish and Chips, which kind they give you? HAHAHAHAHA
Clumsy Boy: ………

Clumsy Boy with his Nando's chips

Clumsy Boy with his Nando’s chips

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#LovingYou #5 – DIY Wedding Invitation Card

27 November 2014
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To print our wedding invitation card or to DIY wedding invitation card would require a lot thought and consideration. Both has their pros and cons. Of course, printing requires less effort and saves time. All you need to do is pick a design, fill in a form, approve the finalized copy before being sent for printing and wait.

We also thought of designing our own wedding invitation card but unfortunately, our design skill sucks and if we were to hire a designer to do it, it might be expensive :X