MEGA We Care IRON FEAST Day Raises Awareness on Iron Deficiency Anemia

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I’ve learned so much about iron deficiency at MEGA We Care IRON FEAST DAY last week. Organized by Mega Lifesciences, it was an education based food event aimed to raise awareness on iron deficiency anemia symptoms with a call to action before it descends into anemia. Mega Lifesciences is one of the leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies which is headquartered in Bangkok and a proponent of “Prevention is The Best Medicine”.

OXGEN Water – The Supplement for Better Health

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Oxygen is the key to all life. Without oxygen, the maximum time a person can live is 3 minutes while brain cells could die in just 15 seconds! In fact, every human cell requires oxygen to live. Oxygen is one of the most important keys to good health but surprisingly, not many are aware of this. There is no other substance on earth that we are so dependent on for our existence except for oxygen.