5 Ways This Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives

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The World is Changing

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the worst of all human tragedies affecting millions of people worldwide. The crisis has had a far-reaching impact on the world, creating socio-economic hurdles and affecting big and small businesses.

The year 2020 also witnessed significant lifestyle changes. A world that thrived on social interactions was forbidden from it. The situation has pressurized people to adopt new changes in their lifestyle.

Let us look closely at some of the ways in which the pandemic has changed our lives.

Online Shopping During Pandemic
Online Shopping During Pandemic

1. Online shopping

The coronavirus pandemic has completely redefined the world of online shopping. Studies have shown that people are shopping online more these days than they used to do previously.

The COVID -19 pandemic has catalyzed the thrust towards a more digital era. The changes that have happened will have lasting effects as the economies begin to recover.

Previously, shopping was a joyful experience where you used to pick up your favorite items.

Although the scenarios have changed, even now online shopping portals ensure that their customers have a similar experience. Online retailers and brands are now providing vividly colored images and videos so you can visualize the real object better.

2. Face masks

Imagine a scenario before 2020 where you enter a bank with a face mask on!

Besides the immediate probability of you being mistaken for a robber, people would either assume that you are sick or a little weird.

Since the pandemic has unleashed itself on the globe, wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus is the new norm for people across the world.

Although people took some time to adapt to the new situation, everyone is getting used to it. Nowadays, masks are available in different styles and varieties. Clothing manufacturers used the opportunity to roll out matching masks with their outfits as a part of their marketing gimmicks.

Needless to mention, mask making industries have flourished and continue to do so in 2021 when medical institutions are even suggesting double masking to prevent the new “faster spreading UK mutant of the COVID virus”.

Grateful to have found a guide on best face mask in Malaysia
Grateful to have found a guide on best face mask in Malaysia

I’m grateful to have found this guide on best face mask in Malaysia as there are too many masks of different quality and price available in the market.

3. Working remotely

The pandemic has induced an enormous shift in the way we work. Millions of people have created office environments in their homes.

Although it seemed that the shift might be temporary, several well-known employers worldwide have redefined their existing policies for long term work from home.

What’s more, the scenario dawned a new understanding where large global corporates realized the significant economic benefits of work from home culture.

4. Contactless Payments

Ever since the Covid-19 news came out, online payment options became the new norm.

Both the older and younger generations took time to learn this much needed skill to make sophisticated transactions on banking apps. Online transactions have become a matter of convenience and necessity.

A study done by Mastercard has revealed that there was almost a 40% rise in contactless payments in the year 2020. People also showed an increase in satisfaction with security protocols around electronic money transfers.

5. Mental health issues

The Coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly triggered a chain of mental health issues among people of all age groups.

The effect is more prominent on the younger generations. Studies have indicated that more than 55% of the respondents experienced mental health issues since the pandemic outbreak.

Some of the mental health problems faced by the younger generations are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Extreme stress
  • Social isolation
  • Addictions

Many people are finding it hard to cope with the conflicting information spreading on the electronic media around the pandemic. Various other scenarios like loss of jobs, reduction in business sales, inability to socialize, etc have been major contributors.

To Wrap Up

It will be an absolute lie to say that anyone of us has been unaffected by the pandemic. We’ve all been impacted in some way or the other.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the essential ways the pandemic has changed our lives.

The best thing to do is to cope with the situation and streamline our lives to ensure that we remain physically and mentally well despite all the odds.

And yes, keep following the safety precautions issued by the governments and medical institutions in your region!

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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